'Did you get her?' Riley turned to face Delano opposite him who shook his head in frustration.

'I was so close but that Jackson kid helped her.'

Riley growled slightly and started pacing back and forth. 'He's really starting to be a menace. Remind me why we haven't killed him yet?'

'He's too quick,' Delano spat. 'Always one step ahead of us. It's like he knows our every move before we've even made them!'

Riley rubbed his forehead and sighed. 'Okay we have to think logical!' There were moments of silence as his brain whirred trying to think of a plan when he suddenly snapped his fingers and turned to face Delano. His cat-like yellow-green eyes were bright and excited. 

'I have a plan,' he smiled menacingly. 'A plan to bring the girl to us and kill Jackson. A plan that won't fail.'

The End

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