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Jade is believed to possess powers. Unlucky for her, others know about it...

Keep going, keep going! I kept telling myself. It didn't matter that my lungs were aching or that my legs felt like jelly. I didn't care that I felt like I was going to pass out any minute or that I needed to stop and breathe in mouthfuls of sweet air. I couldn't stop. Not now. Not after everything I'd done to protect myself. If I stopped now and he caught me, everything I'd fought for in the past two weeks would count for nothing. 

This thought made me push myself forward and my legs work even faster. 

I carried on running, but it was practically inevitable that I would trip up eventually. I threw my hands out in front of me to break my fall. As my body hit the forest floor, I knew then that it was over. My legs were numb and I was surprised. How long had I been running?

I rolled onto my back and sat up, bracing myself for the oncoming attack. Just then, a tall figure appeared in front of me and I froze in shock, but after a few seconds I realised that there was nothing intimidating about him. He held out his hand and I instinctively reached out to grip onto it. He hauled me up and supported me as he led me further into the darkness. I was confused and slightly disorientated. What was going on?

'We have to hurry, he's not that far behind us,' came a soft but urgent voice. It took me a second to note that the voice was coming from the guy next to me.

'Who are you?' I managed to choke out. 

'I'm Jackson and you have to trust me, I'm here to help you, but we have to move faster,' his voice was pleading.

'I-I can't!' I stuttered. My legs gave way and the next thing I remembered was the floor rushing up to meet me.

The End

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