More Heart, Less Tongue.


"Finally, Your awake" Mr Curtis said in despair to Chloe, she felt weak and drained of energy, her foot now wrapped up in His jacket which was blood soaked was looking grimmer each second. "Let's get you to the hospital," she couldn't object. "Where's Tommy? Why is your shoulder ok?" Were the words Chloe struggled to say from her dry mouth. "I'm not the bad guy here, and you only grazed me. We need to find Tommy, but first We need to get You to the hospital" He replied. Mr. Curtis lifted her limp body and carried her out to his green car parked outside, the truck was no longer in sight. "Wait, the green car is Yours? But the truck?" Chloe whispered slowly, " I was following the truck". Chloe was now more confused than ever, she wasn't sure what to think.


The green car swerved fast past cars in front almost colliding with a small Tesco truck doing so, it turned the corner of the hospital and parked in the ambulance bay. "Quick, let's get you inside" Mr Curtis said opening her car door and carrying her into the emergency room, by now she was looking very pale. The doctors took over and he took her phone to call her parents, he phoned up her terrified Mum from the phone in the hospital and went back to see Chloe. Chloe looked up and asked " so why did you go after Tommy?" "Well, I was trying to protect him, from something which I have seen before, I only know it as a dark figure, this is the closest I have ever come to it". A nurse turned to Mr Curtis " I'm afraid your going to have to wait outside". 

December 3rd 3:45am

"Where is She?" said Chloe's Mum worried and in a frantic state, Mr. Curtis pointed blankly in the direction of the emergency room blankly. As She walked past she gave a look of disgust into his eye which were blank and expressionless. 


Chloe awoke to find her mum holding her hand next to her, she sat up had a quick look around the room and the night came flashing back to her. She saw her foot elevated in front of her, she quickly fell back down then asked "where's Mr.Curtis?" "Don't worry about that dear, just get some rest. But he left when I got here, he left a number for You to phone, just relax and go back to sleep. It was a long night".

December 2nd 9:54pm

"I'm alive" Tommy said trying to remember what happened, He rose to His feet and quickly realised he was in a moving vehicle. It seemed like a van, the lack of light didn't help his cause, he felt around for a handle after crawling about for a short period. His hand touched the cold handle sending a shiver down his back, he pulled hard but it was locked from the outside. He banged hard on the walls shouting "why are You doing this? I haven't done anything wrong! Please... just let me out. You're not going to get away with this!" He felt a sinking feeling in his stomach and fell to His knees, tears filled His eyes, was it all over?


The truck came to a sudden halt, Tommy pressed his ear up against the side of the van and heard the driver step out and pick something up, then turning the keys to the ignition. "What's going on?" Tommy screamed, "You're going for a swim".

December 3rd 7:43am

Back in the hospital Chloe pretended to fall asleep, Her Mum left the room and walked down the corridor to get a coffee. She turned on the T.V and started to flick through the channel, eventually coming across a news channel, "and today in the news... a van has been found in the sea, near the local Pier. It is unknown of how it got there and isn't registered to an owner, all the local Authorities have to go on is something on the back of the truck saying 'Curtis' ", "Tommy!" Chloe screamed. The reporter continued " oh wait a second, there appears to be a large hole in the bottom of the truck".


"Mr Curtis? Where are You? Did You see the news?" "Calm down Chloe, I'm now on my way to the pier. Do You know about Tommy?" Mr Curtis replied. "What do You mean?" "About Tommy? He's different...." the phone went silent before it switched itself off. "Stupid phone battery" Chloe muttered as she threw her phone to the end of the bed, "what are You doing with Your Phone?" Chloe's Mum asked, "don't worry, it's out of battery anyway" Chloe replied closing her eyes.


The End

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