This scene is dead.

Mystery is always close to home.

December 2nd 8:00am

It was a cold, chilly December morning in Laketon, Tommy had just awoken for what he thought would be just another day at The Dames High School, but would it? He jumped out of his warm covers into his cold, dark, dingy bedroom and drew the blinds, to his despair it was coming down like a waterfall. Throwing his bag over his shoulder and slamming open the door he looked up the top of the staircase to see a dark figure, but in the blink of an eye it had disappeared.

On his way into school Tommy stopped at the shops for his usual healthy breakfast of a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar, while in the que he looked through the clear glass and saw his teach scurry past in a hurry but he thought nothing of it.

Tommy, now just around the corner from school when again he saw the dark figure, this time in the bushes. "Are you following me?" he asked, the figure was non-responsive, it just faded into the background until it had compleltly vanished. Tommy just walked off but this time more alert.


He walked through the school gates looking like a drenched rat, his shoulder lengh brown hair was dripping all over the floor as he hurried off to find a warm radiator. Just as he found one the bell signalled for registration, the classroom window was wide open, he turned around to ask Mrs Stewart only to find a supply teacher.

"Wheres Mrs Stewart?" Tommy questioned, a gloomy voice bounced back soon after "shes ill". Tommy stared back, dazzeled as to where he saw Mrs Stewart going this morning, "Tommy!" His eyes were drawn across the classroom to Chloe, she seemed to light everything else up as if she was born in black and white.

They sat down as their supply teachers voice broke the small talk between class mates " I'm your teacher for the day, my name's Mr Curtis". Most of the girls in the class just looked in a day dream, Tommy lifted his head from the table to see Mr Curtis staring down at him with powerfull brown eyes.


The bell rang for break as Tommy rushed out to play football on the rough concrete, as he glanced up to peer through the hole ridden fence he saw Mr. Curtis observing him carefully. Ignoring it he continued and carried on with the game.


Now just 17 minutes till the end of the day, Tommy stared blankly around the room the clocks hand seemed to move incredibly slow, the teachers voice became distant as his mind wondered. Drifting back into a state of mind he peered out of the window to see a dark figure on the roof opposite, "TOMMY ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO A THING I'M SAYING" spat his maths teacher. He looked at the teacher then back out of the window, but once again it had gone.

On his way to registration, he explained himself to Chloe, she dismissed any thoughts he had and calmed him down. The end of the day eventually came "finally" Tommy muttered under his breath, "you still coming round mine?" Chloe asked him. His smile dropped "spose" he replied in a disgruntled voice.

The class began to walk out almost like a group of sheep, "Tommy, can you stay behind for a second?" Mr. Curtis asked,       "one second let me put my bag downstairs first", then walking down the stairs with Chloe she moaned "what have you done now?" "Nothing, wait for me, I'll be out in a minute".


When Tommy returned he opened the door to an empty classroom, peering down the hallway to see if he had left he realised the store closet was open. He strolled down the dark corridor and poked his head in, a sudden fast push to his back put him off balance sending him head first into the closet, banging his head in the process.

Feeling dazed he tried to stay awake, feeling a small trickle of blood roll down his forehead, was all his eyes could take before they felt too heavy to keep open.


A while later Tommy awoke to discover he had passed out, but was able to open the door handle in a daze. The bright light stung his eyes, looking around he realised he was no longer at school. But where was he and how had he got there?

Tommy stumbled around, trying to wake himself up, but this was no dream. Reality seemed harsh and made no sense, this couldn't be happening.

His eyes lit up like a child at a candy store, he found a window. Rushing over he was overjoyed, the moon had taken over the sky for the sun was in bed. Tommy's face dropped as he realised the bars on the windows, the mysterious place. Was he in some sort of prison? He couldn't make sense out of anything that had happened to him that day.

His mind went frantic and he ran, ran for his life, ran to make life seem normal. He became desperate, his skin ached to find a way out, a door or anything. Tripping over his scuffed shoe lace while turning a corner he found a set of stairs, he didn't care where they led to as long as he got out. running down the staircase he barely opened the door in time to get through it. But he found himself falling.

Tommy fell for a good few metres before it turned into a splash, he started to sink through some fluorescent red liquid.


"Bluh", a struggling grunt was all Tommy could manage as he frantically tried to stay above the liquid. His feet became tired and his kicks became futile, all hope was gone.

He started to sink to the bottom like a daisy falling from the sky, he held his eyes open for as long as he could and noticed he was in some sort of tank, before long his head hit the bottom. His life flashed before his eyes, his first steps, when he first kicked a ball, his first day at school, when he met Chloe.

His mind clicked, Chloe would've wondered where he was. He opened his bloodshot eyes for one last look at the world, the dark figure was watching over him, and stepped into the light. Disbelief or the little air he had left in his lungs took over as he started to drift away.

December 2nd 3:40pm

"Where is he!". Chloe stomped her feet up the stairs and burst into the classroom, looking around she saw no one. She walked in and looked around in the far corner of the room she saw Mr Curtis laying on the floor and next to him a puddle of bright red liquid but no sign of Tommy. Staring at him in astonishment he started to groan and slowly started to get up.

Chloe rushed out of the door and began to walk home, questions filled her mind "where was Tommy?, What was Mr Curtis doing? What was the liquid?". The clouds started to cover the sky and sure enough the heavens opened up and began to pour down onto Earth.

The rain at the top of the hill mixed with something, to turn it red, the red rain running down the path looked similar to the redness of the puddle in the classroom, surely this was just a coincidence. She rushed to the top of the hill and found the same puddle as in the classroom, the puddle came in the direction of the main road.

She had no idea what was happening, was this all her imagination, was she day dreaming? Her phone interrupted her deep thoughts "hi Dad"  "up for some shopping?" her Dad asked, her mind went blank "sure", in an instant she forgot all about the puddle and hurried home.


"I love Christmas shopping" Chloe said, her dad smiled and focused back on driving. She stared out of the window into the darkness, in the distance she saw a van similar to earlier, her mind flashed back. "Wait, pull over! Chloe screamed, " I totally forgot I have an  assignment due in tomorrow, can we go to Yarmouth another time?" "Sure thing love, want a lift back?" her Dad replied, "erm I'll get a taxi". As her Dad drove off, she walked across the road and looked at back of the van to see the bright red liquid, three warehouses with no sign of anything, was there any point?


She thought she might as well check it out, walking into the warehouse it seemed like a waste of time, the place was full of old damp boxes seemingly empty and puddles on the floor. She looked up to see what was left of the upstairs was just a few poorly constructed floorboards which balanced boxes here and there with an infestation of pigeons all staring down at her like a million watchful eyes and a roof which didn't seem to be much use.

She strolled over to one of the boxes and picked it up to look inside, the bottom of the box gave way and papers dropped all over the floor with a hard thump scaring the pigeons above. Suddenly the sound of fluttering wings filled the room and boxes started to fall, in a quick few seconds a box flew down above Chloe hitting her directly on the head cutting her forehead in the process, everything became a blur and she hit the ground as blood rolled down her eyebrow. 


Chloe awoke in a daze, her eyes seemed heavy and her muscles ached, she got to her knees and felt like vomiting. Outside the cold air hit her and the moonlight shone down, she saw the truck was still there along with the green car she saw earlier, in the corner of her eye something stuck out the moonlight bounced off something, she went over to the doorway of another warehouse and picked up a gun. Her head was telling her to drop it and call the police but her heart was begging for her to investigate, the adrenaline took over her head. 


She burst through the door, "Tommy!" She shot at the glass container and the red liquid filled the floor, Mr. Curtis ran over from the corner of the room to a motionless body, Chloe had no time to think her head was confused but one thing seemed clear she mustn't let him near Tommy. She fired a shot and hit him in his left shoulder he dropped and fell onto the shattered glass, Chloe started to feel faint from the incident earlier, behind the glass she saw a mysterious dark figure, time seemed to slow down, another shot was fired from the direction of the figure , Chloe looked down at her foot and the pain suddenly hit her, her eyes got even heavier until she had no energy left and was on the floor with a splash.

The End

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