A Callous Warning

Leslie frowned, shocked,

"What are you saying Alex? How could you possibly..."

Alex looked both excited and worried as he began to explain. "It's just a hunch, but I think the suicides haven't been suicides at all. I think someone has been searching for something and has been killing to get it, following it across the country, from postal worker to postal worker as it's changed hands until it finally reached here."

Leslie gave Alex a horrified look. "Is this some kind of sick joke Alex? Robert just killed himself, my friend just killed himself and now you're saying it's part of some ridiculous theory of yours? Get out Alex, just get out!"

"Leslie wait, please. I'm sorry, I probably could have said it better. Look, you know I've been following those suicides, that I thought there was a pattern. Well, the suicides, they all coincide with common postal service routes and sorting offices and if you join them up chronologically they draw the exact route a package would take if sent from the town of first suicide to the last. Look, my notes are in the car, I'll show you."

She walked him to the front door and shut it as he reached his car. She leant against it and sighed. What the hell was he playing at? Was he trying to scare her, trying to make her feel better as if a murder was somehow more comforting than a suicide. She felt sick.

"Leslie..." Alex sighed from outside the door, "come on, let me in Leslie."

"Go away Alex."

"Look, Leslie, please. I think you could be in danger. You say Robert delivered you the camera, right? Before he died? I think someone else is looking for it, someone willing to kill a lot of people and make it look like suicide. Please Leslie, what if this psycho knows you have it? Leslie!"

Alex thumped at the door and Leslie felt her eyes tear up again.

"Look, fine. I'm not going to stay here and make a commotion outside your door. Perhaps I've been a bit callous, you've just lost a friend after all. Just take a look at my notes, keep your doors locked, phone the police. I'm going to tell them what I told you. Don't let this misunderstanding kill you Leslie."

There was the scratchy sound of papers being pushed through the letter box and then the sound of Alex's car driving off. Leslie was shaking, though whether from shock, fear, anger or grief she wasn't sure. She picked up the bundle of notes and walked into the kitchen, dumping them on the table, then went to pick up the camera.

As she picked it up, she gasped and dropped it again in shock. As unlikely as it was, it was completely undamaged. Unnervingly so.

The End

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