Recalling Tragedy

"I... I was having lunch with him earlier" Jane stammered through her tears.

“He seemed so fine, so normal. Why didn't he tell me?" Jane stopped for a second looking at Leslie her eyes desperately asking to be heard but telling Leslie how afraid she was to speak. Leslie nodded numbly for her to continue.

“I was our normal Sunday lunch and we talked this and that" Jane blew her nose and clawed for more Kleenex which Leslie handed her. "He seemed a little distracted and kept looking at his hands like he was looking for something wrong with them."

After Jane had burst in with the horrible news Leslie had sat with her and they both cried for what seemed like hours but was probably not more than 20 minutes and when Leslie felt she could stand up without sobbing so hard she had to sit down again she got up and made them both tea.

Jane sipped a bit at her cup of tea before continuing her sobs quieting as she talked. “After we finished eating he told me he was going to go and take care of some errands and to meet me back home later. I had my own errands to run and along the way I ran into a friend of me and we gossiped about this and that and by about three I was driving back home."

A look of complete and utter loss crossed Jane's face and it looked like she was going to start sobbing as hard as before but she managed to regain a bit of her composure and continued her voice weak and edgy. “I opened the door and called out that I was home but no one responded so I walked into the living room." Jane stopped again and now she was sobbing again.

Through bleary tears and choking on every word Jane tried to continue. "He" she hiccupped and started to talk faster” He was in his favourite chair and he had little pieces, little pieces of paper all over him" another hiccup "imself and, and" Jane couldn't speak anymore but just made a weak slicing motion across her throat.

Leslie was reeling with shock. Robert had slit his own throat and killed himself. For Robert to go and do something so sudden and so final without giving any outward sign, it was just simply unbelievable.

Jane was sobbing even harder now then when she had just walked in the door and was amounting a small mountain of torn and wet Kleenex on her lap. Leslie knew she should do something to try and comfort her friend but could only sit there as she felt tears creep back into her own eyes.

 She managed to ask in a fast deteriorating voice "Did you call anyone, the police?"

"Yes I called the constable and he told me to wait where I was,but I just couldn't stay in there" Jane looked up at Leslie and all she could fell for her was pity "You understand don't you?"

"Yes I understand" Leslie got up and called the police to tell them Jane was at her house. The operator seemed just as shocked as she had been about Robert's death but much more composed. It was a small town and the person on the police line had almost certainly known Robert.

They both sat in Leslie's dining room for a half hour until the police constable arrived at the door to talk to Jane. As Leslie was helping Jane out the door she heard a small clicking noise and the whir of a shutter.

The camera had taken a picture by itself.

The End

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