This was inevitableMature

Strange that they can’t find their roommate; every single person is accounted for in this trip, so why a single roommate missing? Maybe it’s a chaperone, all three of those guys are pretty rowdy, so it’s good that - -At that moment, a small thought got in the way of her enormous train of thought. Her face must have been hilarious, because Daniel grinned and patted her head as she normally does when he finally defeats a difficult passage during their tutorial.

“Good for you, we already knew you were our roommate just before we crossed the border. Miss Sheltou thought it was only appropriate because she knows how well you and I get together, if you know what I mean.” Dan nudged her left shoulder and chuckled at his comment as if it were the funniest thing in the world.

“I have… I have to share a room, with you and your two disgusting friends for a whole week? That’s… That’s going to…” After that sentence, she blacked out, but the final thing she heard was Daniel saying something about having to carry her again.

The End

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