The Piano RoomMature

Grace took me down the hall past the door with security and opened the door of the large recreational therapy room. Sitting in one of the comfy chairs was a middle aged man who's dirty brown hairline was receding. Lying on the floor before him was an alaskan husky.

"Hello George" Said Grace as I smiled politely at the man. "You mind if he plays the piano for a little bit?" George shook his head and I found my way over the ancient looking upright. Grace knelt down and began chatting with George about Maxwell, his dog. I peered at the sheet music that was sitting on the piano. Ironically enough, it was "We're Gonna Be High Society." I didn't attempt to play it. Instead I sat at the piano for a minute, thinking about what I was going to play. Then, I just started. Quietly at first, only playing a couple chords...but then I started playing, really playing the way I used to in the darkness of the chapel. For a brief moment, the hospital didn't exist, I wasn't a depressive patient. It was just me and the sound around me. I remember I started to get really emotional, and I wanted to stop and kick the chairs and throw them through the window, just to let go of my anxiety and anger. But I kept playing, Grace had left, and I was alone with George and his dog. Eventually though, George left the room, and I was alone.

Now, why was someone on close observation left alone for thirty minutes without any nurse checking in...I don't know. Maybe Grace believed me that I really didn't want to hurt myself. My arms began to ache, and it was getting close to the time I'd be allowed my medication. So I wandered back to the unit, it didn't cross my mind that I probably could have just walked out without any hassle. I took my pill and sat on my bed, thinking. Would I be able to leave tomorrow? I mean, I could just talk to my doc when he comes to visit me in the morning like he said he would...It was all just one big misunderstanding. Things in the unit would get pretty quiet around eight, so I went over to the public phone on the unit, and dialled. Just before I was about to put the receiver to my ear, George walked up to me. I froze, I wasn't used to people standing so close to me. 

"You play that piano..very nicely, kid"

The End

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