This Lesbian CrushMature

This is a one page short story or whatever you would like to call it. It's about a girl who isn't interested in girls but one of her friends that she cares about is lesbian and has a huge crush on her. This is a huge hit on my other writing profile so enjoy if you can.

I stared at the closet door in the almost pitch black darkness. I came over to my friends house because she got scared of the thunder and, lightning storm. I'm the friend that protects my friends like they're family but, I do have my limits. I hesitated before coming over because, she's a homosexual. I will allow them to get married but, I feel uncomfortable around them. She's the first homosexual friend I've had and, she's a lesbian and, has a crush on me. I'm still friends with her because, she so fragile, scared easily, adorable, but smart. I love protecting my friends so, I couldn't help staying friends with her. I've told her countless times that I don't like her and, even scared her most of those times. She just keeps coming and, I really hope she doesn't try anything tonight. I love thunderstorms I dont know why but, I just do. She on the other hand is the many people that are terrified of them. So, now im sleeping in her bed on one side while she is shaking in fear on the opposite side and, hiding under her blankets. Im quite surprised some of the moonlight is shining into this room when her black curtains are covering the entire window. After a few minutes I hear her slowly get onto her hands and knees from under the blanket. She slowly crawls to me from behind and plops back down to where her chest is pushing on my back. She wraps her arms around my waist and, I sighed softly knowing what was going on.
"i will protect you. I can be your dream boyfriend."
she whispered softly against my back. I felt her breath spread throughout my spine and shivered feeling pleasure shoot throughout my nervous system. I always react like that when someone or something brushes against me.
"i have told you over and over. You're a girl. I'm not interested in girls and you cant do the things my dream boyfriend can do. You're fragile and easily scared and sensitive. "
she tightened her grip around my waist and I could feel wet spots on the center of the top of my back. Great. She was crying.
" I can! I can protect you and be romantic and fight anyone that touches you! And, and, and..."
I grabbed her arms pulling them apart and, off of me then, rolled onto my back. I pulled her arm over my head yanking her over me and gently grabbed her head at her jaw making her look at me only inches away from me. I stared into her tear filled eyes with anger and upset.
" you're a girl. Face it. The way you are makes it impossible to be him. You're almost the complete opposite of him and me. The sooner you realize that the sooner you can stop getting hurt by me, start being happy, and stop telling yourself to wait for me even though you know I'm just going to get married to someone else."
I was fuming and ready to lecture her as she cried more. Her warm tears dripped like light rain onto my cheeks. Her brown eyes looked like they were melting from my point of view as I exhaled all the anger that was built up inside of me. This girl, I swear she's going to be the end of me. Once I came back to reality from the short haze I was in she was grabbing my head tightly and pushing it towards her as she was kissing me hard on the lips. I was in shock for a while as my heart raced and a flash of lightning shown from outside through the black curtains onto the closet door. She loosened her grip and slowly pulled her lips from mine staring into my eyes lovingly. I pushed her gently onto her back on the bed and sat up immediately covering my mouth with the palm of my hand. She slowly sat up and put her hands on my shoulders.
" I love you. I can be him and better. "
she said to me from behind with her soft high pitch feminine voice. I quickly get up and rush out of her house to my car. I had to get home and think about all of this!

By the next day I acted like everything was normal and nothing happened the next night. Her on the other hand...she started acting different. I came to the conclusion that she was trying to be like my dream boyfriend to win me over. She kept claiming that she felt a huge spark in the kiss and that it was impossible that I didn't feel anything. So, for a month she started picking with guys that would flirt with me in any kind of way, she held me protectively even though I didn't want her to, started acting like a gentleman, dressed up in fancy dresses instead of tuxes, and started reading romance novels along with taking self defense classes. She's crazy as hell especially to think this would make me fall for her. The entire month I spent all night staying wide awake thinking about her and the kiss and the way she's been acting since. I had huge bags under my eyes and my vision blurred, my friends became worried about me as I ended up being more protective than usual and scared almost everyone away from even them. I was a complete wreck about her but, I couldn't find out why. When she wasn't there I would be a wreck when she was I would act as hard as I could to be normal so she wouldn't be worried. What was wrong with me?! She's always going to be the same girl no matter what. To be honest, I kind of like the feeling of having someone being over protective of me and, she's so cute when she tries to pick a fight. When she acts like a gentleman its creepy mostly because, it's not like her to act even near to a gentleman. Once a month had gone by she invited me to her house. Oh boy. Here we go again. It was eight at night and I wore a nice black long dress with my hair in a pony tail and some black heels. She said it's supposed to be fancy so, I decided to dress up. I wanted to try fancy clothes on for the first time. I knocked on her door and waited for about a second until she opened the door. I bet she was standing there waiting for me to knock. She beamed with happiness but tried not to show it on her face. I could easily tell though. She gestured me to come in as I started walking to her dining room and, noticed all the lights were off except for candles. You've got to be kidding me. It's so obvious of what's going on here. I played along and, sat down as she pushed in my chair like at a fancy restaurant. The plates on the table had my favorite meal; spaghetti with soft, medium meatballs. She knew me too well. She sat down across from me and, smiled at me.
" you look very beautiful. Thank you for coming tonight."
her soft voice sounded full of hope and happiness. I started to get a heavy pit in my stomach knowing I was going to break her heart and what I have done from the moment I dressed up was a terrible thing to do to someone. I softly smiled back.
" you're welcome. You've done a nice job."
as I stared at her in the light of the candles around us and at the center of the table I noticed that she was dressed in a dark red dress with a beautiful diamond collar. Her skin was beautifully tanned like a gorgeous surfer girl who's a model on a beauty commercial. Her brown eyes sparkled from the small flames and, I couldn't help to realize it as it hit me in the head as hard as a brick would.
" I'm in love with you."
I said softly. She still hear me and her eyes widened in both shock and more happiness. I felt my heart race when she stood up and kissed me. I couldn't feel sparks but, I could feel something giving me a power surge throughout my entire body and, it felt so good. I sat there as she bent down and kissed me with all the passion in her body for minutes. When we pulled away it was only for breath as we stared into each others eyes deeply.
" I can't believe I'm in love with a girl. A smart, gorgeous, fragile, easily scared, and sensitive girl."
I said between gasps of breath. She smiled at me and held my hands.
" I'm romantic and, strong and, protective now. I told you I can be him."
I stood up and hugged her tightly.
" no. you're better. "
I whispered happily in her ear as she giggled. It felt intoxicating to hear her, to touch her, to smell her sweet sent of apples. I prayed in my heart that this would last forever for all of the guys I have dated in my life have never made me feel the way this girl has made me feel right now. They have never made me act the way I have this past month when I dated or broke up with them. If she leaves me then this girl is definitely going to be the end of me.

The End

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