I Was Always Slightly Suspicious of Matte-Black Moving VansMature

Murphy was jolted awake by a pothole that must have been the size of Alabama, and the first thing he realized was that he was still unable to see anything.  A bag was over his head.

He asked where he was.  Nothing. He kept trying, to no avail. The whole place smelled like diesel, so he assumed that he was either in a bus or a van. He realized that if he knew Tae Kwon Do, Ninjitsu, or even just Hard Body training like he wants, he might have a chance, but no. But the parasite says NO, he thought, remembering his favorite video game: BioShock 2. We can't afford lessons, only prime rib and lobster, and a new piece of furniture every goddam month.  Murphy decided right then and there:

He was going to die tonight.


He remembered two crucial pieces of information at that moment. One was the precise location of the Vegis nerve, that when struck, causes slowed heartbeat, to the point of complete stop. The other was the Hammer punch, a strike to the left ribcage that does the same thing. All from a show called Human Weapon. He asked to be released for a bathroom break, and they grabbed him and threw him out onto a sidewalk. He gained his balance, turned around, and slipped out of the badly tied bonds. He stuck two knuckles out of his right fist and pulled the sack off his head. Burlap, He thought to himself, and he threw the fist straight  under the jaw, above the Carotid artery. 


Murphy boarded a bus to Las


Vegas, and fell asleep. That day, he thought, is over.

A new one was about to begin.

The End

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