This is the Last TimeMature

I kissed her lips once again.  It was like experiencing the completion of some strange cycle that occurs every several months or years.  She still smelled good.  The scent intoxicated me as she climbed on top of my body; it was a combination of sea mist and honeysuckle.  Her thighs felt warm as I wrapped my greedy hands around them, and I could feel her starting to give in completely.  I grazed my teeth against her neck.

"You've gotten better at this!  How did that happen?" She teased.

I rolled my eyes, hands still running along her thighs, "Gotta spice it up, ya know?  I know what you like."

She laughed and kissed me.  Somehow her kisses always felt sincere, even though they meant nothing.  We hadn't talked much this semester, but she'd been giving me signs for several weeks now.

"So what happened to Chance?" I asked.
She sighed, "Turned out he was a die-hard Catholic.  Can't really reconcile with that at this point, unfortunately." 

Chance and Paige had been the talk of the school when they were together.  They were always making out in the Felix Building after class, and he was at least 10 years her senior.  Rumors spread, but I kept my mouth and ears out of the crossfire for the most part.  I don't care to know details unless I'm personally involved with someone.

"What about you?" She asked.  "Didn't you say Ashley contacted you?  Are you still talking to her?"

"No!" I blurted with more emotion than I intended.  The alcohol had numbed my defenses.  
She chuckled, "Tell me how you really feel!" 

"I just decided that it's best if we don't talk," I said with more reserve.
Paige nodded, rubbing my chest with her smooth hands, "You're still on about that, aren't you?  Aw, you poor thing."

I looked into her blue eyes, and admired the shape of her face.  It was like Ashley's.  I'd never considered that the very shape of someone's face could attract me.  I smiled.

"What?" said Paige, as she began to smile.
"I can't read you." I said, half-serious.
She laughed, "That's the point!"
She leaned down to kiss me, and I slid my hands up along her back, under her cami.  I unsnapped her bra with ease and pulled the cami over her head.  Her body was admirable.  A little skinnier than I prefer, but still enough meat to grab.  Plus she had a perfect hour-glass shape.  I showed my appreciation with my hands as they glided around her torso.  I knew we wouldn't go all the way, but that was a given before she even entered the room.  We knew the routine.  We knew how to 'press each others' buttons' without crossing that line. 
She ground her hips against mine, and I rose to meet her.  Her hand reached back to 'help me out' and I responded in kind by sliding my hand into her shorts.  It ended with vigorous rocking, both of us breathing hard.  She relaxed into me, and I licked my hand clean.

"Gross." said Paige.
I shrugged, "Why do you care?  It's me, not you!"
"Maybe because I know about everything that happens down there," she laughed.

I held her and we just laid there for a while, listening to each others' breathing.  A song came to mind, and I started humming it. 

"What's that?" Asked Paige.
"It's a song by Keane.  It's called 'This is the Last Time'."
I started singing the chorus: "The last time, you fall on me for anything you like.  Your one last line, you fall on me for anything you like, and years make everything right.  You fall on me for anything you like, and I, no I don't mind."

"Is that supposed to mean something?" She asked.  She was never one for analogies, metaphors, or things of that sort.
I just smiled slyly, "Maybe."  

I laid there, holding her in my arms and humming the chorus softly.  I closed my eyes and knew that tomorrow it would be like none of this had happened.  But in the moment, I, no I… didn't mind.

The End

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