The Article...Mature

The article read as thus:

A viral outbreak that occurred in Texas last week has reached a new high. There are up to fifteen hundred people hospitalized,  and more coming in by the hour. So far no one has died from this illness. The scientists at Texas University of Medical advances state that it may be a strain of Mad Cow or Chronic Waste. The signs of this new(what seems to be a flu-like illness) is as thus: fever, fatigue, coughing blood, sleeplessness, and most often outbreaks of violent behavior. It seems to be spread through the common things such as: coughing, sneezing, spit, blood, other bodily fluids, or even just a common touch in public. The scientists are now urging the public to stay indoors, avoid all contact with the afflicted as they are highly violent, and seem to attack anyone in their reach. If you feel any one of these symptoms you need to seek medical help immediately. CNN News, Texas.

There it was. The first sign of the coming forth of hell on earth, and the end of humanity as we knew it.

The End

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