The summer before my senior was interesting to say the least.  My parents spontaneously decided to completely renovate my brother's room since he had moved out for college.  Lucky Chris got a full ride to the University of Kentucky with a wrestling scholarship.

Whenever I asked what the room would be, the response I always got was, "Oh, it's going to be a little workout room," which I didn't buy for a single second.  First of all, my parents don't workout.  Second of all, we don't own a single piece of workout equipment.

I especially knew something was fishy when I saw my mom on a video game developer's website.  I didn't get to see much because she switched windows to Facebook so fast, but I knew I didn't recognize the developer's name.

They kept this little facade up until Christmas came around, even though I wasn't buying it.  Soon Christmas Eve rolled around and I was in my room binge watching a bunch of my favorite tv series.  At the time I was watching the 31st season of Survivor, and it was getting pretty intense.  My mom walked in and started to say, "Kevin, I have..."

"Shhh," I shushed her.  "It's tribal council time."

She struck the power button like a viper.  The screen faded to black and now I'll never know who got sent home that night.  "Mom!  Are you serious!?  Why would you do that!?" I shouted at her.

She came behind me and grabbed the hand grips of my wheelchair.  She started to push out  the door way of my room and towards the infamous 'workout room.'  "Kevin, I have to show you something."  She said in a calm manner.

"Mom, I don't care about your workout room."

"You will in a second."  She told me as she opened the door.

The room was dimly lit by neon blue lights.  Only one piece of furniture sat in the center of the room, a gaming chair with a strange apparatus that I soon learned was a helmet.  I pushed myself around the perimeter of the room as I observed my new surroundings.  A control panel extended from the wall behind the chair with more buttons and switches than an airplane.  

"What is all of this?" I questioned my mom.

At his moment my dad walked into the room.  He must have just gotten home form work because he still had a tie on and was carrying a suitcase.  "You couldn't wait?" He asked.

"I'm sorry," mom replied.  "You know how I am.  I got too excited and had to show him."

"I still don't know what this is," I piped in.

"What do you think it is?" my dad asked.

"Definitely not a workout room."

My dad scoffed at my snark remark and walked over to the gazillion buttons.  "Sweetie," he spoke to my mom, "please help Kevin into the chair."

Mom pushed me closer to the chair and helped lift me up and over to the seat.  I squirmed for a second until I felt comfortable and my mom pulled down the helmet and visor.  "This isn't going to hurt is it?"

"Of course not," she consoled me.  

"And now with a few switches, it should turn on."

At that moment, my vision faded black and my world disappeared.  In its place, though, a new one materialized.  Vibrant green plants were all around me and a stone path lead from the abandoned temple I was in.  "Mom, dad?" I called out.

Nobody answered except for the chirps from some birds I never heard before.  I was confused, I was lost, I was scared.  

I looked down, and I was standing on a bronze sculpted face of a woman I had never seen before.  I was standing.  A tear rolled down my cheek, and I smiled.

The End

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