Kevin Chalper, now a young, paraplegic adult, lost his ability to walk due to a car accident when he was young. He faces internal struggles of depression, wishing he could live a normal life like his brother, and finds this world meaningless. He does discover, though, a world he feels he belongs in.

What do you do when the world you live in isn't the world you desire?

I asked myself that question every single day of my existence, up until I was eighteen.  Prior to that though, I pondered attempting suicide at every moment.  I couldn't find happiness or bliss in any part of my life.

You see, all I wanted  to do was be able to run like everyone else, be able to play sports, be able to go for a walk, or ride a bike, but I couldn't do any of these.  All I could do was push the wheels of my wheelchair, and trek the miserableness of my own life.

When I was four years old, my parents took my brother, Christian, and me on our first family vacation.  My mom had just taken over driving so my dad had a chance to take a nap after he had driven for nine hours straight.  My brother was six at the time, and we were both obsessed with Disney movies (my favorite is still Hercules), so we took a trip to Orlando, Florida and visited Disney World.  It was without a doubt the best experience of my life.  The park that is, everything after that was a nightmare.

We were on our way back home to Michigan and we had just gotten McDonalds, and boy was I stoked to eat my chicken nuggets.  Chris reached across the back seat and snatched two of my five chicken nuggets and stuffed them in his mouth.

I was livid, "Mom!" I screamed.  "Chris ate my chicken nuggets!"

I could see the eyes of a feral bear in the mirror as she glared back at Chris and me.  She was exhausted from the trip and did not want to deal with her two sons bickering.  Chris  tried to grab another one of my nuggets, and I was not having it.

I clenched my fist and forced it into his cheek, like I had seen the wrestlers on WWE do it.  Chris screeched in pain and my moms eyes were a mixture of ferocity and concern for my brother.

Her attention from the road faded just a moment as she turned to vision to check on Chris.  My dad was snoring like an ox through this entire altercation.  As my mom's head turned towards the right, so did the steering wheel.

Our 1999 Dodge Caravan tumbled down the side of a steep hill like you see in movies.  We all screamed, including my dad, expecting death to take us, but when the van finally came to a halt, everyone was still alive.  Bloodied and bruised, sure, but definitely alive.

Surprisingly, the car landed right side up.  After catching their breath and wiping away their blood soaked tears, my mom and dad exited the car.  The doors were jammed shut, so they had to meander out the small windows.

My dad fought, and opened the door on my brothers side of the van as mom struggled with mine.  Chris climbed out of the car with a little bit of stumbling, and my dad told me to crawl over so I could get out the same side.

I urged my body to move towards the right, but it wouldn't listen.  My dad looked at me with confusion and said, "Come on Kevin, you can't stay in the van."

I looked back at him with equal confusion and said, "I'm trying, but I can't move my legs."

The End

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