This is for Daisy Waisy.The Mystery

Cordilia finds in her new home a secret door which leads to the unimaginable.

Cordilia had just moved into her new home ,well infact it was not new at all it was a toweringly tall,dark and a creaky manor.Entering the fearless mansion ,she heard a door slam shut,she rushed to the opening but nobody was to be seen.Bewilderment flooded her,her thoughts swiveled in a messed up bunch of fuzz.Gathering her courage she said"show yourself whatever you are!" "asssssssss you wisssshhhhhhhh", whispererd the awnser.Stumbling back in fright,her father came in.

After a soupy dinner they all whent exploring,Cordilia desided upstaires was the first place to look.But she ment the attick.She stood infront of a sinister,maroon door.Staring at it the door swang open,letting the snaky dampness envelope her.Smelling, moist garlicky breath fill her nostrils.The icy coldness gnawed at her flesh.2 bloodthirsty eyes glared at her,beconing her to surrender blood and skin.Out of the spine creeping darkness appeared a glistening snowflake.Out of this form swooped out a fairy, which was unusualy warrior like.It repelled the creature and gave her a tour of Rosseilia land.All its fine ,chrystal clear,shimering waterfalls which would flow their limitless power.She showed Cordilia little munchkin friends.OOOH WHAT A JOURNEY she had.

The next day she whent toWibbleland School.Thumper as the name suggests,hit her because of being different.I.E sha had no freinds.WRONG she had the munchkins.


                                      THE END  sorry about the ending but I got to go.

The End

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