This is about a police call, "The Asylum."Mature

The call is to go to the asylum, there is a great deal of concern it has been closed for a quite a few years. There was a reason, but what. We did not know, but we would find out.
Most assuredly, we would. A storm front rolled in, lightning lit the sky.

      We headed out of the Robbins, after having our cup of coffee.

  The lightning lit the sky. its thunder roared in our ears. Rain washed the windsheild, my partner just got in the car. The rain blew her hat off,  she cursed and raced after it. Finally catching up with it, turned to return to the prowl car.  

    As I pulled up beside her, Smiled, laughing at her. I eased open the door. She just got in the car.

She did not look happy,  as the radio clicked "There is a report coming from the asylum."

She even looked grimmer now. Realizing we were closest to it, and knowing me. Knew, I could not pass up an ocassion to visit it.  

    "It was halloween after all. What is there to worry about about?", I asked smiling my happy smile.

"Sure, you would say, That? I know, you want to go there. Right?" she said to me.


   "Sounds, great to me!"

      We drove to the asylum, It had been closed since, I do not when. The asylum was a huge fortress, having masonry to protect the citizens from the people in here.  It was still surrounded by razor wire.  Forty foot walls, the main gates were closed and chained.  There were  gargoyles to allow water not to fall on the public before they get there.

   I opened the door, after I removed the chains from the door. Brit had out her flashlight with which to see.  The wind and rain made it almost impossible to see. The light was barely strong enough to show the ground before our feet.

    I wondered,'who has called us to go here?"

    Brit stared into the grounds, to see what was there. AS the lightning lashed the air, we expected to see blood pour from the sky from it's jagged lines in the sky, but we knew that this was impossible.  

    A bolt arrived on the ground before us, in the center of the grounds was a place, where they hung people. It was called the gallows, the structure had been made out of wood. It was six feet off of the ground, where the hanging post was.  The body was hung by a horse haired noose.   The side through which they would walk the executed to go up was on the right side, it was 18 feet across and same distance wide.  

However it could not be, but it was visible.  This had been torn down, just before we closed the asylum. It had been torn down. We knew it had. We had looked over the pictures that we had seen of it. That showed it,and its victims hanging by their necks.  

   Brit bit her lip, because she saw it there.  Asking,"Where it should not be, there?"

   I too looked up to see the structure. There was a body dangling from the gallows; that was not there. But was?

   The lightning vanished, as did what we had just seen.  I walked towards where I had seen the gallows.

    Brit stepped back, she was unaware of what I was doing.  Nervously she saw me, in the shadowy darkness step forward. I was going to get where I had seen the structure.  In the darkness I could vaguely make it out.  However I still saw it, there.

     I reached out and felt the rough eroded wood, beneath my hand. Feeling it tear and cut into my hand.  Jagged splinters slipped and tore into my skin,it was bleeding the splinters tore into my palm and my creases for my fingers.

     I cursed.

     Brit walked towards me, and the structure, I turned to the right to walk up the stairs of the gallows.  The person was with its hands tied behind its back, There was a coarse cloth sack over its head.  The noose was made of coarse rough horse hair, the knot was the type that the hangsman would put on a body.  

  I pulled up the sack of its head. To see a figure that was male. If one is to judge by the cut of  the victim's hair. His eyes were closed, his skin color was placid. His mouth was open as if he had tried to scream.  His tongue had swollen enough that nothing else was visible there, but it.

     I recognized the person, he was the last person who was slain here.

     Brit screamed as she climbed the stairs to see what I was doing.

We a woke on the road. Driving to the asylum. Seeing the structure standing before us like a monster, Brit and I were scared as  we arrived there

The End

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