Third Time’s The Charm

There once lived a young vibrant, eccentric girl, by the name of Rachel, who lived on the outskirts of a large city.  Rachel was fresh out of college and lived a care free life, who just opened up her own flower shop. One night out with a friend at a party they were invited to, she bumped into a man who happened to be hosting the party. He was a business man, who had his own practice and was very handsome. Some hardly knew his name, but those who did were considered both lucky and unlucky. Rachel entered his life unexpectedly and he immediately fell in love with her. The same night they each exchanged numbers, and by the next day he called her asking her on a date. She agreed and by next Saturday he picked her up and they were on their way for their date. When they entered the city, he had to make a quick stop at his work. He told Rachel he had to go to a last minute meeting and it should only take an hour. He also told her that if she wanted to, she could go across the street and look around at shops, or wait inside his work where he also told her where the bathroom was. After he left to go inside, she decided to go across the street and look at some small stores. In one store she saw one of her old high school friends and soon they began to chat. After talking for a little while she checked the time and it had already passed an hour. She said goodbye to her friend and rushed back to her date’s office where she found him waiting outside the car. His colleagues were also outside, waiting to meet what he told them, his new “girlfriend”. Rachel didn’t know how to take it but was kind and shook everyone’s hand. Her date seemed understanding and sincere and soon they were also on their way to a restaurant that he recommended.

Once on the road and everything seemed fine, he asked Rachel why she was late. She answered back, “I lost track of time, so sorry”. He smiled it off and kept on the road. For a few minutes they spoke without a word, and Rachel was getting nervous. He then spoke in an angered voice, “Who were you talking to? I saw it was man. Who was he?” Rachel didn’t know what to say and found herself confused to why she had to explain herself. “Answer me!” he yelled. Before she could speak and explain herself, he pulled over and took her by the arms, and slapped her across the face. She was in complete shock of what just happened and was lost for words. He started driving again with no facial expression, and entered the parking lot to where they were eating. Rachel then spoke and said, “I want to go home” wiping what’s left of her tears. 

“But you can’t we just got here; we still have to finish our date”. Before Rachel could say a word, he spoke again in a lowered voice, saying, “I’m sorry about what happened, I don’t know what came over me. Sometimes I get angry and I can’t control myself. I promise that won’t ever happen again.” Rachel believed him and they entered the restaurant without any troubles and the date ended well. He drove her home and she left without giving him a goodnight kiss. He didn’t mind and was on his way.

The next morning, Rachel decided to not give him a second date, even though he pleaded and was very sweet to her. She concluded that if someone who has anger problems and results to violence wasn’t the right man for her. A few days past and every day she would receive one more call from her date. By the end of the week he never stopped calling her, and Rachel didn’t know what to do, so she called her friend and asked her. She told her to not worry about it and to just go on without answering. Next week began and minute after minute he would still call her constantly. Rachel couldn’t take it anymore and answered. She elucidated that she was very busy to why she never answered. He bought it and immediately asked her on another date. She hesitated and he began to plead again and promised her he would not hit her. Being the sweet hearted woman she was she agreed on a second date and the following Saturday he would pick her up and they would go merrily into town.

Saturday rolled around sooner than Rachel expected and while she was getting ready for her date, she checked the time when he said he would be there. She looked at the clock and then heard his car honk and she realized he came at the exact time as last time. She didn’t think much into it and got her things and headed out the door. They rode into town with no delays and again he told her he had a last minute meeting and that it should only take an hour. He also told her that if she wanted to, she could go across the street and look around at shops, or wait inside his work where he also told her where the bathroom was. After he left to go inside, she decided that it was best to just go inside. All though she didn’t know where to go she thought she could just sit near where his meeting was taking place. He didn’t like that very much and excused himself to go talk to Rachel. He asked her with an annoyed gesture, “What do you think you’re doing!?” Trying to speak, he cut her off and pulled her aside hurting her arm. “Go outside until the meeting is over.”


“GO!” he bellowed.

Without saying a word, Rachel walked outside and waited on the curb until the meeting was over. When everyone started coming out, she put on a fake smile and began again greeting everyone, also meeting her date’s boss in which he told him that this was his ‘girlfriend’. After they said their goodbyes, again they were off to a new restaurant that he recommended, and again everything seemed fine. Rachel then questioned why he had done that to her, and he answered back with another slap to the face, and roared in her face, “Because no one embarrasses me in front of my boss and colleagues!” Rachel immediately started crying and in a blink of an eye he began pleading repeating, “I’m so sorry! I’m sorry about what happened, I don’t know what came over me. Sometimes I get angry and I can’t control myself. I promise that won’t ever happen again.” Rachel didn’t believe him this time and told him to take her home. He didn’t listen and kept on driving pretending what he just did, didn’t happen. Then Rachel screamed, “STOP!” He then pulled off onto the side of the road and Rachel got out and began to walk home.

He exclaimed, “What are you doing? Get back in the car, I’m sorry!”

Rachel didn’t listen and kept on walking. He didn’t give up without a fight. Some time passed and eventually he stopped chasing her and gave up letting Rachel win. After that night she promised herself she would never see him again and deleted his number and blocked him.

A few years had gone past and again she was at another party down town with her friend Lisa. She was having a ball, hanging out with coworkers and new friends. Then Lisa rushed up to her explaining to her how he was here. They were in a panic and didn’t know what to do. Lisa then suggested the bathroom where they would hide until there was enough time for them to escape. Lisa also knew Rachel’s former date for he was also hers too and again he did the same things to her. They went on three dates and all though Lisa doesn’t remember much of the last date with him she knew he was bad news and they couldn’t see him. Rachel had to go get her purse where her car keys were before they can leave trying to avoid her former date. Once she found her purse, she bumped into a mysterious known figure that happened to be him. He turned around and with a smile he said, “Rachel long time no see. How have you been?” Rachel had no clue what to say and tried desperately to get out of their conversation. In her mind he seemed like a changed man, but she didn’t want to believe him. He then gave her his new number and Rachel was on her way to the bathroom in hope to find Lisa. Once she got there Lisa was sitting on the ground jumping for joy knowing Rachel was okay. She then spoke and said, “Where were you? I was worried he found you.”

“He did!”

“What?” Lisa shouted.

“He gave me his number and said I should call him, he also said that we should catch up. What do I do!?”

“Don’t do anything. Don’t call him or anything.”

They left without seeing him and the next day Rachel got a call from an anonymous caller. She answered and found out that it was him. He was a gentlemen and was very sweet to Rachel and soon he asked her out on a date. He told her to not think of it as a date but to catch up on old times. Rachel again agreed on one condition and that was if she could bring her friend Lisa. He said it was okay and by Saturday he would be picking both of them up and going into town. When Saturday came, Rachel and Lisa were already ready for him and was waiting outside. He arrived right on the dot and the same time as always. They rode into town and again he told them he had a last minute meeting and that it should only take an hour. He also told them that if they wanted to, they could go across the street and look around at shops, or wait inside his work where he also told them where the bathroom was. After he left to go inside, they both decided to go wait inside where Lisa showed Rachel a waiting room where a young woman sat at a desk. Lisa and Rachel began to talk and Lisa told everything to what he had done to her. Lisa asked Rachel questions like if he had hit her before and in the middle of their date. Rachel always said yes. She then told Rachel to be prepared for him to hit her at the end. Then Rachel asked Lisa what happened on the way home of their date and Lisa couldn’t answer. All she said was, “I don’t remember”. Rachel then told Lisa she had to use the bathroom and asked the young woman where it was. Rachel walked down a long hall and found the bathroom. When she headed back to the waiting room Lisa was nowhere in sight and Rachel began to panic. She then went up to the lady at the front desk and asked where her friend was. The lady didn’t know what Rachel was talking about and called in Rachel’s date.  Luckily the meeting just got done and Rachel was walking frantically in the waiting room. Rachel’s date arrived and took her out, saying under his breath, “Sorry for the inconvenience she’s not herself today”. The lady still looked puzzled but tried to understand, speaking to Rachel’s date saying, “Is she okay? She was talking to herself.”

“She’s fine”, he announced to everyone, and escorted Rachel out to the car. She pushed him away and insistently kept saying, “Where is she? What have you done to her!?” Rachel’s date tried abruptly to calm her down, and Rachel kept pushing him away. Trying to not get angry, he let her go and she fell to the ground. He then spoke to his boss always saying, “So sorry for the inconvenience. I don’t know what got over her”, also saying other things that Rachel couldn’t hear. His boss understood, and entered his car, where Rachel had to sit by having 3 other colleagues in the back of her date’s car. He kindly picked up Rachel and put her in the front seat where also the boss was sitting. He seemed too happy and kept on smiling at Rachel. During the ride of taking his colleagues and boss home, Rachel had to fight her date’s boss off her in attempt of trying to kiss her. Her date paid no attention to what was happening and seemed to be in a trance. Once Rachel got his attention he pulled over and asked his boss and colleagues to get out of the car. They listened and got out while Rachel stayed in the car. They talked outside for a few minutes and when they entered the car again Rachel was sitting next to her date and not the boss.

After they were all dropped off, Rachel finally spoke and asked her date, “So where is she? Did I imagine her?” He didn’t say anything and kept on driving. Once at a stop light, he turned to Rachel and said, “I’m taking you to the restaurant where I never got to take you last time we went out. I was hoping we could finish what we started”. Rachel didn’t know what to say and decided to just go along with it. When they finally entered the parking lot he turned off the keys and turned toward Rachel.

“Here’s the deal, when we last spoke on the phone you didn’t seem like yourself, I heard you talking to yourself to someone named Lisa. You were very nervous and jittery on the phone and when you asked to bring her along I couldn’t help but agree because you were so persistent. I think you’re sick Rachel, and after our date tonight I would like to take you to the doctor or a clinic to see if you’re okay”.

“What! I’m not sick! I don’t need a doctor. You knew Lisa, and she knew you too!” exclaimed Rachel.


“Okay, okay, whatever you say Rachel. Let’s just finish our date and we could talk about this after, okay?” He took her by the arm and escorted her inside. It was a nice restaurant and Rachel was trying to keep her head straight. She thought it was a beautiful place but she couldn’t concentrate on their date. She kept on having outburst, and her date was getting impatient with her. Everyone kept on staring, and Rachel kept on saying, “Where is Lisa!” He couldn’t take it anymore and he grabbed her by her arms and shook her, slapping her in the face, “There is NO LISA!” The restaurant grew silence and Rachel burst into tears. He grabbed her things and carried her out to the car. No one stopped and asked if she was okay, and no one called the police to report what happened. Everyone just watched and waited in silence watching Rachel and her date leave the restaurant.

They were on the road, and Rachel finally controlled herself. She sat up, wiped her nose and again asked, “Where is Lisa and where are you taking me?” Again he didn’t answer and kept on driving. It was getting late and all the light posts began to turn on. They were almost out of town, and Rachel had no clue where she was. They entered a small remote neighborhood where he began to drive slowly talking to himself. Rachel then spoke, “What are you saying?” He stopped in the middle of the road, and finally spoke.  He said, “You’re just like all the other girls! You don’t understand! Do you want to know where Lisa went? DO YOU? I made her leave! She’s no longer here!”

“Where is she?” stammered Rachel. 

“Did Lisa ever tell you what happened on our third date? Did she tell you she couldn’t remember? DID SHE? She told you I was this mean abusive man, but I’m not! All I’m searching for is to find the perfect the woman! (His voice gets louder) Someone who understands me! Someone I can share my life with! (Getting louder) You’re just like Stacy and Lisa!” he yelled.

“Stacy?” Rachel whispered.

He began driving again, and turned on a dead end street that was pitch black. Rachel couldn’t see anything, and she began to get scared.  The care gradually stopped and soon it became silent. (He grabbed a knife from behind his seat and breathed heavily going toward Rachel.)He began to talk again and slowly said, “So do you want to know what happened to Lisa……I KILLED HER!” Just like that Rachel knew what was going to happen and in a split second she felt the dagger go into her chest. She screamed, and tried to escaped, but it was too late, the murder had already gotten her, and no one heard of Rachel again.




The End

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