I'm actually wondering what I should be writing, because I could either be writing a story or what delorfinde calls "Thinking aloud".

I'll just be thinking aloud and writing it down then. Ok?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre really wasn't scary, gory yes, but not scary. I already didn't really want to be chopped up by a chainsaw. It just shows what bullying can do to someone.

Im really bored, listening to Cheryl Cole, Parachute for no apparnt reason.

Oh good, its finished. Onto another song. It would take me roughly 20 hours to listen to all my music. Thats a lot of music by my account.

I am now wondering why no one has bothered to write this chapter. Maybe because no one wants to read the thoughts of a 12 year old girl. Maybe, maybe not.

I'm just remembering my dream I had ages ago about a carpet shop and a cross country run... That dream was funny, also quite creepy. Ok now im thinking about all the dreams I have ever had. Quite a lot of random ones actually.

This chapter will probably go on forever if I dont end it now. So here is me, finishing this chapter... ahhh i keep wanting to write cahpter...

never mind


The End

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