The orange tree branches swayed above me.

The clouds were swept into place by the leaves.

It was a perfect day to do something, and there I lay in the grass, alone, doing nothing.

Yesterday's events played themselves over and over in my mind, and glimpses of what tomorrow could possibly hold flashed occasionally in my eyes. Those glimpses terrified me.

Sighing, I turned over on to my chest and looked at the blue sea srecthing out in front of me. Normally, it looked as if the blue just went on and on... Forever and ever...

Now, the horizon looked like a death sentence. An end to the endless expanse. No longer a hope of eternity, but the sharp, cruel pain of reality.

I heard my mother's voice calling me into the house, like an invitation to a funeral. My mother...

"Coming!" I yelled, but my mind screamed at me to run away from it all and never look back.

Your view on life sure changes when you learn that your mother has cancer...

The End

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