Am I going crazy?

When I got home, nothing less then expected awaited me.

"Madeline! Dear, I've made you some hot chocolate to drink.  I thought you would need some warmth after that time you spent out in the rain."

"Thanks Aunt Jane, but it really isn't necessary, I was in a car afterall..." I said.

"Just drink up dear.  Then you'll be all warm in toasty." She chimed.

I choked back a laugh as I rolled my eyes in obvious annoyance.  I'm really glad I am my moms child.  I don't know how she made it living with her for so long.

I took my hot chocolate upstairs with me.  When I got in my room I laid on my bed, just thinking.  The rain storm outside was getting proceedingly worse, the orchestra getting a slight bit more enthusiastic. 

Listening to the rain again, I fell into a state of half unconsciousness.   In my peripheral's I started seeing yellow.  All the rest black.   That's when I started to hear the voices again.

"Madeline, you should wear that ring.  It'd look lovely on you." the voice said.

Once again I couldn't seem to find my voice, I could only manage a faint umph remnating from the back of my throat.

"Really Maddie, that ring would just look, empowering, on a girl like you."

As I tried to make another attempt at words, I heard a loud knock on my window.

As I jumped out of my stupor I glanced at my window. 

"Hah," I thought to myself "a tree branch, of course.  What was I expecting?  I don't even know anyone in this town."

As I came back into reality, I realized I was still in my wet clothes.  So, I got up, changed into my ratty old sweats at my mom's old ACDC t-shirt.  She was quite the concert-goer when she was my age.  Then, I headed into the bathroom with my toiletries and proceeded to get ready for bed.

When I finally hoped into bed for the night I remembered my dream.  How strange, a dream about wearing a ring.  My imagination must be shot, if my dreams were no more than a little object on my finger.

That night. My dreams were a little more vivid.

I was in a misty feild.  I've never seen anything more..magical in my life.  The tree's were glistening.  Every single leave was sparkling radiantly.  The grass was rustling as if being blown around by a wind, but the air was still.  Except for the strange heavy pall that seemed to hang in the air.  It was as if I could almost taste it on my tongue.  Kind of a bitter taste, but sweet at the same time.  The sky wasn't quite blue.  It was shrouded in a never ending mist, making the sky seem almost greenish.  Not like the storm green, but like a fairy tale, magic green.  One of the most beautiful colors in the world.

When I looked around the feild I saw a glen closer to the trees.  It was surrounded by tall flowers.  Every kind you could imagine.  When I looked into the glen, I saw something.  A person.  A girl.  She looked like me, but she had a strange look in her eyes.  Almost of power, of raw power.

When I looked at my reflections hand, it was glowing.  A purple glow came off of it, almost like a spark.  When I lifted my real hand to my face, I saw that it too, was glowing. 

Out of bewilderment, I jumped.  At a spark shot out of the purple glow, and hit a tree.  Knocking off a branch.

"I knew you were powerful Madeline." A voice said, almost gloating.  "The only question is, how powerful?"

I jumped at turned around.  A man with dark features was behind me.  He had a greedy look in his eye but a charming smile.  It seemed to lure me in.  Make me melt.  I felt my limbs turn to butter and my head started to sink.  I felt..good.  But I couldn't seem to get a grasp on reality. 

I felt his arm grab my elbow.  But the next thing I knew, I was back in my room, sitting up in bed.  Sweat beaded on my forehead.  I laid in bed for awhile after that.  I really need to see a shrink, I thought.

The End

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