Runaway? Not yet.

"Madeline" I heard a voice cry.

"Madeline, you have to help, you're the only one. Please" the same voice echoed.

I tried to find my voice but couldn't manage to even utter a syllable.  I searched around my subconscious looking for some clue of where I might be or who was there.  But all I could see was dark, it was covering the entire, vast area of my mind.  At corners of my vision I thought  I could constantly see a faint yellow light, but could never be sure because every time I turned around to look it was gone. 

Suddenly, another voice cryed out

"servo mihi."


When I woke up the strange nightmare, one of many, still repeated in my head.  It just felt so...real.  Then I noticed a taste in my mouth.  I was trying to distinguish the taste but it wasn't anything I was really familiar with. 

"Hrmph," I thought to myself, "Probably should get something to wash this taste down."

As I went to the bathroom to get a glass of water I heard Jane call me from downstairs, telling me to get ready.  I quickly gulped down the glass of water, as if I hadn't had anything to drink in weeks, and shut off the faucet.  As I shuffled over to my room I remembered the ring I'd taken from the box in the attic.  Trying to keep note of it, so I would remeber to stuff it in my pocket when I got dressed.  I didn't want to leave it on the bedside table for Jane to see.

When I got downstairs Jane gave me directions to 

"Ugh, small town people and their religious views." I grumbled under my breath.

I grabbed a poptart and walked out the door, with a fake smile on my face.  Thanking Jane for letting me use her car. 

Jane's van wasn't exactly my type of car, but what could I do.  I know I could probably go by something for myself, with the little money I do have.  But it just didn't seem important.  After all, I didn't plan to spend much time in town.

When I got into Center Harbor town center I unmistakingly saw the old building towering over the rest.  It had to be years old.  It's olden, gothic styles radiated from the building.  It seemed to call to me in a way. 

As I entered the building I saw all the..people. 

They all looked at me when I walked in, taken aback by there actually being someone new in town.  I guess it was a rare occurance. 

All at once I had people on me.  Asking me my name and where I was from and how long I was staying.  My mind started to spin in circles. 

"Hey, my names Parker, what's you're name?" I heard a deep voice ask.

"Madeline," I replied. "Madeline Grey."

The next voice I heard was a high female voice.  It was a girl named Rachael.  She seemed friendly enough so I let her show me around the church and introduce me to the rest of the people I would be going to school with for the next year.  Year, I winced.  That was going to be a really long time here. 

When I left the church I realized that wasn't as bad as I had imagined it to be.  Now at least I knew some people in town.  Rachael seemed nice enough, I could tolerate her.  She had a good taste in music.  Anyone who likes The Beatles is in with me.

And that Parker kid.  He was pretty quiet after that initial meeting.  He didn't say much.  But he kept looking over at me, like I had something in my teeth or a rip in my pants.  It made me feel extremely self conscious.

It was raining outside, heavily.  So I just let my mind wander and listened to the rain hitting everything.  Like it was it's own orchestra, conducting a song more beautiful than anything i'd ever heard before.  Dancing around the outskirts of my mind, my thoughts having no real rhyme or reason. 

The End

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