Think Like You Mean It.

Moving was something new to me, and I wasn't exactly ready for it.  My mom told me it would only be for a little while, but I knew she couldn't handle us both.  Especially with Leah being sick and all. I didn't have any other choice, I had to leave.  Leah didn't take the news to well, when I told her that I had to leave.  She blames herself, she thinks it's her fault that i'm leaving.  I wish I could find a way to not make her think that.  Afterall, I really was going to miss New York, but what else could I do?  New Hampshire really couldn't be that bad, could it?


When I finally arrived at my aunts house she gave me one of those intensely obnoxious hugs.  And she wouldn't let go.

"Gah, Aunt Jane, I can't breathe!" I screamed.  

"Sorry, sorry dear.  You know I haven't seen you in AGES you were the size of a pea the last time I saw you."

"I never think I was really that small.." I laughed, trying hide the obvious sarcasm in my voice.  How was I going to make it here. 

"Oh! By the way Madeline, your rooms up the stairs to the left. It was the guest room, but I had your mother tell me some colors you like and tryed to personalize it a bit.  Make yourself at home, sweetie" Jane said.

"Thanks.." I managed to choke out.

When I got up to the room I was a little taken a back by all the pink.  It's just like Mom to say I liked pink, when in the reality I haven't even remotely liked that color since I was about 5.  Seriously, you think in the past 12 years she would've gotten the hint that I despise that color by now.  It's just like her to be completely oblivous to every thought I have.  At least it's summer and school doesn't start for another month, I need some definite time to get used to this place.

After I got some what settled in, I decided to go explore the house a little.  Even though it wasn't much to explore.  This two bedroom, two bathroom house wasn't too much to look at.  It wasn't till I was about to walk down the stairs that I noticed a door next to my room.  I opened the door and realizing it connected to the attic.  Out of curiousity I walked up the stairs, hopeing to be able to avoid Jane for a little while longer.

As I walked up the stairs I noticed the musty smells and the boxes that covered absolutely every corner of the attic. 

"Huh, at least this will give me something to do for the rest of the summer..." I thought to myself as I took in the scene of the attic. 

I slowly strode over to the nearest box and peaked inside.  Something shiny caught my attention so I proceeded to open the rest of the box.  A mirror was inside the box.  It was ornately designed with occasional gold flowers entwined in vine like structures. 

As I picked up the mirror I realized there was a small ring attached to the back of it.  As I went to inspect the ring I lost my breath.  This was one of the most gorgeous pieces of jewlery i've ever seen.  Why would anyone keep this in a box in their attic? I thought to myself in bewilderment. I stuffed the ring in my pocket to look at later, I doubt Jane would miss it if she had it packed away up here. 

"Madeline?" I heard Jane cry. "Madeline? Where are you?"

"Coming!" I cried.

I quickly stashed the mirror in the box exactly as it had been before and dashed down the attic stairs.  I found Jane in my bedroom.

"Where were you Madeline?" she asked.

"Sorry I was in the bathroom, putting some things away." I lied.

"Oh well okay honey, get some rest you have a big day tomorrow."

"" I asked wearily.

"Of course you do sweetie, theirs a youth group meeting at the church tomorrow afternoon.  I want you to go so you can meet some kids before school starts." Jane said

"Okay.." I said when really in my mind I was thinking a million things, one being "Why would you even remotely THINK I would enjoy going to one of those."

"Goodnight!" Jane trilled.

"Night.." I grumbled as she shut my door."

That night my dreams were no where to be found.  With nightmares in their place.

The End

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