Chapter Thirty-four

(Haylee’s Point of View)

I hadn’t expected Dan to come over, but I invited him in anyway. I finished up writing in my memories journal, him peeking over my shoulder.

“Hey. No peeking.”

He sighed. “When will I ever get to read that journal?”

“When I’m dead.” I said stubbornly, closing my notebook.

“I don’t think I can wait that long.”

“Well, looks like you’ll have to.” She changed the subject. “Want to go to the clearing? The forecast said rain, but it looks like they’ll be wrong again.”

“Yep. In that case, I think we should go to the clearing as well.” I saw a spark of excitement in Dan’s eyes. They looked even bluer today. I walked out of my house, Dan following. His fingers entwined in mine, we set off down the sidewalk, laughing as we talked.

“I noticed that our tree is getting taller, don’t you?” Dan asked, but his voice was cut off by tires squealing on concrete. He turned around, his eyes widening. I turned around too, but just as I did, I saw a car out of the corner of my eye. It zoomed towards me, and before I had any time to react, I felt it crash into me. Pain shot through my left lung, as if someone had just stabbed me with a knife. I collapsed, my cheek against the sidewalk, gasping for air. I clutched my left side, shutting my eyes as breathing became nearly impossible. I was dimly aware of the clouds rolling over the sun, the chill breeze that sent a shiver through me, and Dan calling for help.

So this is it.

The End

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