Chapter Eight

Through teary eyes, I texted Riley, then Skyped her when she asked what was wrong. She took one glance at my face and then made the decision to come over.

It took forever to describe what had happened; I had difficulty speaking and making myself audible. But, eventually, I got the story out, and Riley’s reaction was a surprise.

“Look, Haylee, if Dan can’t see that you are so much better than that freak that replaced you, then he definitely doesn’t deserve even half of what you gave him.” While she was telling me all this, a hint of guilt glinted in her eyes. I saw this, and decided to let it go for now.

I nodded, and hugged her again. She was the closest comfort that I could get right now, and I was thankful for it. My tears had stopped by now, and I started to analyze the situation. We sat on my bed in silence, but my thoughts were whirring.

Dan wouldn’t do this to me. Not the Dan that I know. Somehow, someone manipulated him into doing this. I’m positive that he was the one. But Dan doesn’t budge very easily, so the cost must have been massive. What could be so big that was worth ditching me for?

Finally, I spoke my thoughts out loud, repeating what was going through my mind. Hearing this, Riley suddenly got all nervous, and her palms got clammy; I could see it.

“Haylee, that’s nonsense! Of course Dan would ditch you for someone as pretty as you described. That’s just how guys are these days.”

Riley usually would agree with an idea like mine. There’s something she’s not letting out. “Riley, you know something.”

This was when her eyes got as big as moons. “Haylee. If I knew something that you didn’t, do you really think that I wouldn’t tell you? Honestly, we’ve been best friends for how many years now?”

True, but you’re easily manipulated, too. I narrowed my eyes. “I know you too well for that trick. Tell me.”

“Tell you what?” Panic shot through her expression.

“Riley! You’re hiding something. Don’t lie to me.”

She busted. “Even if I told you, it would hurt even more than Dan did.”

“Oh I seriously doubt that.”

“Well it’s true.”

“Riley, I swear, if you don’t tell me…” I gritted my teeth.

Finally, I cracked her. “I’m with Sophie. We plotted this whole thing together. She threatened Dan just so that she could be with him. She said that she would do some serious harm to you if he didn’t go out with her. I gave Sophie all of your information. I was her own personal spy. She’s had a grudge on you since elementary school, and she found a way to delude me into tricking you. Happy?”

I turned white. Again. This nightmare couldn’t get any better. “What?”

“Yeah. Some back-stabber, aren’t I?”

I nodded slowly, still trying to take this all in. “How long have you been with her?”

“Since ninth grade.”


“Get out of my house.” I eventually stated.

“Haylee, I’m sorry…”

Get. out.” She finally walked out, and drove away.

I had no friends. No one to trust.

Now what?

The End

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