Chapter Six

(Haylee’s Point of View)

My heart was pounding. I started to feel light headed, and felt a pain in my chest. What’s wrong with me? Before, I was thinking about Dan, and how it’s been almost three weeks since we’ve talked. I suddenly felt as if I had just run fifty miles, although I had been sitting for the past half hour. Shaking my head, I got really hot, and felt sweaty.

Then, just as soon as it started, it ended. I went back to normal as if nothing had happened. Standing up and walking around my house a couple of times, I made sure that I was okay. I went back to my desk, and researched what had just occured. I was surprised to see that most of the websites I went on said that I just experienced an anxiety attack. Strange, I thought, and read on. It said that anxiety attacks were caused by one being concerned, and then being even more concerned because of the attack, and then is caught up in a cycle of panic and fear. I started to feel frightened. What is happening to me? Should I be very concerned?

Still, I refused to see the doctor, even though Riley highly suggested it. I don’t need a doctor. All they’ll do is tell me what I already know. Besides, I don’t have the money for it right now. Riley knew how stressed I was at the moment.

“I feel so bad for you; I’m sure there’s a way we could get ahold of him?” She had said.

“Riley, the only way I could talk to him is by going to South Carolina myself, and you know that I don’t have the money for it right now, and neither do you.” I added, before she could even suggest giving me a penny.

“I’m sure you haven’t tried everything.”

“Oh really? I’ve texted him, called him, Skyped, email, letter, FaceBook, Twitter, you name it. I’ve tried everything, Riley. He’s gone!” My voice rose into a wail.

“Haylee, you’re losing it.”

“You’re telling me.” I mumbled before she could go on.

“I’m absolutely positive that some complicated things are going on in his life right now, and-”

“And he still doesn’t have time for me? Name one thing that would consume all of his time so that he can’t talk to me anymore.”

Riley was silent.

Tears started streaming down my burning cheeks. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

We sat in silence for a bit, while I tried hard to think of other things. I wasn’t doing too well. Dan would be able to stop my tears.

Riley hugged me. “Don’t let him vex you, okay?”

I was a bit nonplussed. “You think he’s doing this on purpose?”

She suddenly turned bewildered. “No, no! He would never do that to a pretty little lady like you!”

I nodded, still unsure of what to do. Once she left, I made the bad decision to let my thoughts wander. I realized with a spark of sadness that we were far, far away from that copacetic couple that had once existed before Dan left.


It was Friday night; I had just finished my book, and planned to send it to all of my family and friends for them to proofread. This Monday, Dan was supposed to come home, but I wondered if he ever would. I was unable to overcome the insuperable thought that he was in some kind of trouble.

Just then, my phone started buzzing. It wasn’t just a text, but, pulling out my phone, I saw that someone was Skyping me. My stomach flipped upside down, and my heart flew up into my mouth.

Dan. Dan was calling. I think I nearly passed out. I hesitated before tapping the answer button. What if he’s not the same Dan that left me three weeks ago? Pushing the thought aside, I tapped answer with shaky hands.

He appeared on my screen. My face turned a pale white; my blood froze. My eyes got as big and round as saucers.

My nightmare had just come true.


The End

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