Chapter One

We will never be the same again.

Tonight was my first party. I hadn't ever been to one before; I guess that I just wasn't that kind of girl. Why did I decide to go to a party out of the blue? My best friend had convinced me and harped on me enough that I had decided to go. I love her; we've been best friends since seventh grade.

She came over to my house and then we walked over to the party, since it was just across the street. Before we went, I made it perfectly clear that I wouldn't and couldn't dance; I would not let her make me. She had said that she wouldn't dance in that case, either. 

As soon as we walked into the room, I nearly ran into some guy that was about the same age as me. And let my tell you, he was hot. I'm not talking about just having a nice face or nice hair, I'm talking about seriously good-looking all around. He had piercing blue eyes, black, messy hair that stood up on end as if he had gotten shocked, and was very tall and skinny. I could feel my face turning red, as it always did when I got nervous or embarrassed. In fact, he was so good-looking that he made me feel not good-looking, with my messy, brown hair and brown eyes. Our eyes locked for a millisecond, but I quickly apologized and turned away. I swear, those eyes could see right through me.

"Haylee, I'm going to kill you!" I knew that Riley was joking, but still.

"Riley, you're my best friend, but honestly, no one can look into those eyes!" I said, but Riley just rolled her eyes and directed me to a secluded spot in the room. 

"So, what do you think?" She asked with a knowing smile.

"The party is okay, thanks." Although I knew what she was asking, I refused to tell her. I would never live it down if I did.

Riley gave me a shove. "Oh stop! You know exactly what I mean. This is why you need to go to parties. It's why I have a boyfriend and you don't."

I hated it when she did that. "Riley, the reason that you have a boyfriend and I don't is because I'm picky. You are willing to take any man that glances at you." That shut her mouth for a moment.

Just then I caught sight of the guy that I ran into again. He was with another man, who was slightly shorter than him, and had light brown, straight hair that he could flip around like that Justin Bieber guy that was popular when I was younger. Another thing I noticed about them was that the new one was a lot better built than the guy that I ran into. 

"Geez! How many hot guys are at this party?" Riley mumbled only loud enough for me to hear. "It looks like they're searching for someone... And it looks like they found them!" She said as the shorter one nonchalantly pointed in my direction, while the taller person nodded with a grin.

I covered my face, then uncovered it to see them approaching me. "Umm.. I'll be in the bathroom." I said, making up an excuse.

"Oh, no you don't! If they want to talk to you, then that's what'll happen." Good old Riley, always there to embarrass me. 

"Hi there." The taller guy said. He had a British accent. It didn't get much better than that. He laughed nervously. Beautiful. "I'm Dan, and this is Chris." Chris waved and said also in a British accent, "Hello."

My face turned a bright red that only a blind man could miss. I felt like crawling up in a hole and dying. I tried to act natural. "Uh hi." I said with an unsure glance at Riley.

She introduced us. "I'm Riley, and this is Haylee." She smiled confidently, while smiled as if I was constipated. Why did I have to be so stupid?

Finally, Dan broke the awkward silence. "So where are you from?"

I spoke first, "I'm from just across the street over there."

"And I live a little ways down the road. How about you?" Riley asked, trying to sound casual.

Chris spoke, "Oh we're both all the way from London." Ah, London. So that's where the accent came from.

"London? What are you doing way over here?" I had found my voice again.

"Uh, we're looking for a job." Dan smiled.

"How's it going?" I asked. Hey, I was getting good at this.

"Well, I've been recording songs in my bedroom." Dan started.

"And I've been teaching kids to play drums." So that's where Chris got his build.

"So you sing?" Riley asked curiously.

Now Dan's face turned red. "Yeah." He mumbled.

Chris piped up. "He's really good at it too."

"Am not! I'm terrible at singing!" Dan laughed. He turned to us. "Actually, you should here Chris play the drums. He's pretty wicked at it."

"Dan, I can barely teach the kids to play."

Oh my gosh. They were so humble. That's what I love about them, even though I had just met the guys. Before we could go into another awkward silence, Dan asked me, "So, can I get you a drink or something?" I noticed how he looked directly at me, and not Riley. Glancing at her, I could see that her sly smile told me that she didn't mind.

"I actually have to go." I needed to get myself out of here. I was going to start sweating soon.

"But Haylee. You just got here!" Riley exclaimed. 

Before she could protest any more, I leaned over and whispered in her ear. "I'll bet you twenty dollars that he follows me out."

Acting like our little converse never happened, Riley backed me up. "Yeah, she needs to.. Uh.. Work on her book." She stuttered. Good job.

Scooting past the two boys and out the door, we stood outside for a while and talked in whispers. And, just as I had bet, Dan and Chris came outside looking for us, or quite possibly, me.

"Oh, hi again." Dan waved.

I smiled, and this time it was real. Our eyes locked for a moment longer than last time. I looked away again.

"Well, I guess I better go." Riley walked across the road before I had time to stop her. There goes one.

"Oh, this is my favorite song." Chris ran back into the building.

This is great. Just me and him. Oh dear.

Dan spoke, "So umm... What are you doing tomorrow?"

"I planned on writing more of my book, but I'm pretty ahead." I almost asked why, but didn't have the courage to.

"Oh well..." I let him struggle to find words. Call me cruel, mean, hateful, whatever. But I think that the guy should be the inviting and brave one, not the girl. Man up, seriously.

Dan found his voice. "Do you want to hang out sometime? I mean, I just got here, so I have no idea where everything is and stuff..." If he could only hear himself. I couldn't help but giggle.

"Hey! Don't laugh at me! I know I sound desperate and all.." My laughing stopped. I was going to make this as awkward as possible. I sighed, just to add affect.

"You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?" Darn.

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not." I smiled a knowing smile. Dan smiled right back, but I could see right into his thoughts. He wants to kiss me. Nope, sorry, not going to happen. How could I get myself out of a situation like this? It's not like I've ever been in one. I ducked my head, hoping that he would get the message.

"Hey." He was speaking softly now. It was too early for this. I looked up. He was closer now. Change the subject. Change the subject. Umm...

"See my house over there?" I didn't wait for an answer. He turned around. "I'll see you there at noon tomorrow." Without another word, I walked over the street and into the comfort of my home, closing the door behind me. Riley was long gone; she had taken her car and went home.

After I had slowed my heartbeat down, I dared to peek out the window. Dan was smiling like an idiot, but finally called Chris out and drove to their home, wherever it was. I heard my phone go off; it was Riley.

So how'd it go?

Great. I admitted. He's coming over tomorrow at noon.

I then got so many smiley faces that I thought Riley was ready to burst. I didn't respond; it was late, and I had a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow.


It was noon. The house was all clean, and I was showered and looked relatively okay. What on earth am I going to say? As soon as I started to panic a car pulled into the driveway. Yep, it was definitely Dan. Taking a deep breath, I open the door and walked outside. He looked perfect, his hair, his clothes, it even looked like he washed his car. Do I look perfect? I wondered. If I did or not, it was too late now.

"Hi!" I called once he got out of the car.

Dan grinned. "You look great." 

Oh thanks. I could feel my face turning red already. I hated myself. 

"Come on in." I said, trying to act casual, even though I knew I was terrible at it.

"Want some lunch?" 

"Nah, I already ate." Good. I hated eating in front of people.

What do people do when they visit? I asked myself. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. We sat down in my living room, and I guess it was up to me to start a conversation.

"So you sing, huh?" 

His face turned red. Again. 


"What songs do you have?"

"I only have one so far."

Looks like I'm going to have to ask all the questions.

"What's it called?"

"Daniel in the Den."

"Sounds cool. Can I hear it?"

He protested. "It's really bad, though."

I sighed. "Oh come on. Please?"

Dan reluctantly pulled out his phone and started to play it. I smiled through the whole thing. He was a great singer! I was immediately in love with his voice. But when I told him so, he protested. I will make you believe that you are a good singer even if it means that I have to kiss you. His head was ducked, and he was trying to hide his blushing. Here I go...

I lifted his chin. "Dan, what will I have to do in order to make you believe that you have the best voice on the planet?" We stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like forever, but finally, this time, it was Dan who smiled and lowered his head. I nonchalantly leaned back away from him, but he didn't notice. We started a conversation again, acting like our almost-first-kiss never happened. 

We talked until about three or four o'clock, where I ended our visit with some no-good excuse to start working on my book again. I could see in his eyes that he completely understood me. Did I completely understand him? Were we meant to be? I know that sounds cheesy and all, but still. I tried to find what I felt about him, for I could sense that it was deep inside me, unwilling to come out and show itself. 

We walked out to his car, where we had an awkward goodbye. He wanted to kiss me, but he was afraid. Afraid that I might turn him down? Would I do that?  Bringing myself out of my thoughts, I shuffled uncertainly closer to Dan. He was only a few inches taller than me, so I still had to gaze up into his blue eyes. They seemed even bluer now, rimmed with a dark navy. What are you waiting for? Then, slowly, uncertainly, he wrapped his arms around my waist, while I put my hands on his shoulders. He pulled me closer, until he finally did it. We kissed.

The End

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