The Building of Trust

Max's eyes go wide like baseballs once again.  "An interrogation room?  Here - in the building we just came from where there's still a dead guy and some other beaten up ones that are our fault?"

You nod.  "Uh-huh."

"An interrogation room like the other ones that don't really exist because no one's ever lived to describe them?"

Max is right to be nervous.  The mysterious Shiguro is suspected to be a high-level Yakuza, but to be at level high enough for the organization to place their trust in her to oversee an 80 storey data storage and processing facility would be a strong statement.  That this building includes one of their infamous interrogation rooms means that she could be high enough to be within the organization's inner circles.

"Max, we'll be fine.  A building's a building - always more than one way in or out."

Max looks over your shoulder and sees a crowd of people starting to gather around the Navigator that's now blocking traffic.  "Come on, dear," he grumbles.  "Our handiwork is starting to attract attention."

You and Max make your way back to the building, taking a different path through the alley and around the opposite side of the city blocks from which you've just come.  Neither of you speaks, though you can tell through periodic glances at Max's face that his wheels are spinning.  His eyebrows furrow - it's your favorite of all his tells - as he starts to piece things together.

"You've seen this room?" he asks, not quite believing you.

"Yep.  First saw the iPod in there.  Later I saw one in the security office and figured they were the same one, so I grabbed it."

Max nods.  "We planted the GPS iPod out in the open, not knowing who the bidders were or where the real one was.  All we knew was that Harris wanted it.  I suppose Shiguro wanted to make sure hers was the real one and ours wasn't."

Harris.  The image of his twisted body momentarily blips behind your eyes.  Your headache is growing slowly worse.

"You know, Max, you never answered my question.  Why'd I kill Harris?  I know he was your target, but why?  Is he in with Director Casey?  Is Shiguro part of this?"

Max stares at you blankly for a few seconds.  "This whole thing is kind of my mess.  I would clean it up myself, but - I mean, that's what you're for, isn't it?"

The End

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