When Presence of Mind Has Left the Building

The headache begins to subside.  The doors of the freight elevator open with a swish.  Max steadies you as you both get on.  Chemical engrams are surfacing, offering frustratingly little clue to your own identity.  Tracking down the iPod over the last few weeks had become an exercise in piecing together the mystery of why you're here with Max.

Max.  He is not just your handler - he's part of the cover.  Before you can make any further connection, the engrams begin to dissolve. Conditioning responds by walling off any further attempts to access the information.

The elevator doors swish open once more.  Max leads you by the hand through the lobby, pulling at you gently as lag behind him.  Max tracked you down and found you.  Max, cover or no cover, cares for you.  Max took out Harris and his -

You killed Harris.  More begins to leak through.

"Max, why has Harris been tracking me?  And why did you have me kill him?"

He stops in front of the revolving door to the street. "We’re all on the same team, but we’re not on the same team, if you get me. Harris was just a blunt instrument, a blind hand.  You and this infiltration were the distraction.  The iPod never had any information about Yakuza or otherwise.  Harris was the primary, and as soon as you found this place, we knew he'd show up sooner rather than later.  Sorry to yank your tow rope like that."

The headache begins to return.

The End

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