Things that go bump in the night

Jacob ran down the ally like a speeding bullet, the thing closing the gap with unnerving unnatural speed. Now he wished he had listened to his mum she had told him not to go out after dark. He had thought that she was as nutty and superstitious as the rest of the village, with their garlic, salts, silver bullets and holy water. He chocked back a sob and pushed himself harder he could feel the things warm moist breath on his heels, two things he chanced a glance round, a second one had joined the first but it was different it was somehow more animalistic he ran down a side street straight into a dead end he spun round and pressed his back up against the wall, the things closed in growling and snarling he saw them lunge, felt fangs sink into his neck, excruciating pain then nothing.


Jim ran like a mad thing he could hear the vampires cloak swishing just behind him he knew it was a vampire because unlike his idiot friend Jacob he did research on the strange haunted village he lived in. He tried to focus, vampires, garlic-didn’t have any, holy water-nope none, his cross-he cursed he had left on his bedside table. He ran down the left street and fell face first into the river. He rose to the surface coughing and spluttering he turned to see if the vampire was following he spied it standing by the edge of the river it snarled at him, gave him the finger and melted into the night. 

The End

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