I am fully awake now. They decided to rush me into theatre at 12AM to perform surgery. Mum had already left hours ago, so I had to deal with it all on my own. They wheeled me through the corridors (which were as cold as the harsh Norwegian winters) on a stretcher, and into a room of white walls, syringes, and surgeons. I couldn't quite tell whether I was shaking because I was cold, or because I was scared. Probably a mixture of both.

So they wheeled me into a little room before theatre. The assistants even started complimenting my hair colour (it was a rebellious shade of "ultraviolet" with subtle variations of purple, pink and red). They gave me a relaxant and my whole body started to feel heavy, the kind you get when you're so depressed and lethargic, but amplified. I think I was smiling at this point, the drugs really made me feel placid. The surgeon put another shot into my cannula, and the nurse told me it was "the sleep medicine!" I said "OKAY BYE GUYS." And then I fell gently, but forcibly asleep, for how long I don't know.

The End

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