How can you possibly know them?

I was hiking with a group of friends on the Ridgeway. It's a track banked by stunning views for miles, hills and patch work fields with the occasional wood. I'm happy here, talking with everyone even though some of them are four years younger than me, I guess that's just me. I'll happily talk to anyone, heck I did a presentation in front of like ten mayors and a hall full of dignitaries! 

So we were hiking and we passed a couple with two small children.

"Hello." I say and smile, they reply the same.

As we walk on a bit, one of my friends turns to me.

"How can you possibly know them?"

My answer was short and simple, my eyes never leaving the path we were about to take, "I didn't."

"But-" She stopped and frowned, then shut up. I smiled to myself. 

I like doing things that make people think, it doesn't always have to be one way. It would have been normal for any other teenager to carry on past the couple without even looking up. Maybe even glaring at them, daring them to try anything. I've seen that before. But it wasn't normal for me. Normal was what I did. Perhaps I'm weird for someone my age, wait, no I'm definitely weird for my age. 

It's not like its unheard of to say hello to strangers. That got me thinking about a few years ago when I was walking home form school. I saw a builder and smiled, as I always do.

"Hi." He said.

"Heya." I replied, like we were friends.

"You alright?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Alright thanks."


"See you."

Yes, I am weird for my age. Did I regret being who I was?

I didn't. 

The End

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