Things Worth Living For

I was looking around earlier, well, not looking. Seeing. There is a difference. Anyone can look up at the trees or watch the sun set. So today, here is what I saw.

I woke up at five this morning, admittedly not by choice, and I watched the sunrise stripe the sky pink and yellow. Yeah, tomorrow really is another day. I think, how many people are seeing this right now, as I am? Wow, my eyes are really something to be able to see this with such clarity. I take my glasses off and stare harder, its even more spectacular! I don't lie, it's like God took the most fabulous shade of pink and the type of yellow that would glow the brightest and just poured it over Earth.

I walk to work, daydreaming, as usual. What can I say, I am a writer after all! Ha! Remember when you were in the porsche stopped at the roundabout and a guy in a wheelchair stopped beside you? 'Want to swap?' He asked. Remember? Ha! Ah the goodness in people.

I'm at work. I have a really up-beat chat with one of the customers, brief but still on my mind even though I have no idea what it's about. Funny how some people are quite happy to laugh with a total stranger like they've known each other all their lives. I like it. 

I'm at work. Someone comes to help me when I need help, silly help, but still help. How are they so patient when I'm obviously thick? Not even a word to remind me, even though I already know, I've been shown what to do like eleven times? Well I guess I'll just carry on then? 

I'm at work. They mess around and laugh, with me. They see me as one of them! Elation. I love life right now.

So what is there to live for? 

1. Beauty. Everywhere. The single unity of all the planets workings to create all we need; heat,, oxygen, water. Colour; a strange one, but it makes everything that much more personal. 

2. Random moments in life that just make you smile. Like in the last chapter, no doubt that image will stay with me forever and I will forever smile when I think of it.

3. The capacity in humans to love, be loved and sociable. It really alters your outlook because, for a brief moment in time, you are linked to someone else through your eyes and your laughter.

4. The fact that some people will never, ever hurt you and those are the only ones worth holding onto. 

5. No matter what, no matter who you are or what you do or what you believe in or how alone you feel, there will always be somewhere that you belong.

6. You don't need any of this. You just need to see.

The End

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