The Most Beautiful Thing On Earth

The words 'the most beautiful thing on earth' conjours different pictures for everyone.

See, yesterday I was at work behind the tills on my own and I was looking over at my three collegues who were stacking the shelves. It was only my second day. Then, out of nowhere, they all burst out laughing. I had to smile too.

Laughter on people's faces is indeed the most beautiful sight in the world. More so than sunrises, or the first flowers in spring or even the look in a mothers eye when she first sees her newborn child. Because not everyone can do these things. Thinking about this on my way home, in front of everyone who happened to be walking past, a huge grin claimed my face, I must have looked slightly posessed at the level of raw joy that coursed through my core.

Everyone can laugh, and that's the beauty of it! It doesn't matter if it is a one hundred and six year old woman or even a baby, laughter is the one language we all speak fluently. Seeing someone laughing makes you smile too; the way their eyes light up and you can almost feel their heart trying to burst from their chest. The simple symbol of the greatest aspect of humanity: the ability to love.

I wouldn't have been anywhere else then, even though I wasn't part of it, which is probably a good thing because I got to see what many people don't Hence why I am able to write this. They saw the joke, I saw the beauty and the possibilities of that beauty. The fact that they were all different ages and still bound by a common action amazed and humbled me.

So next time you see someone laughing, smile too because it truly is the most beautiful thing in the world.

The End

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