Hello? Are you listening? HELLO SELF? See this word, written right here, yes, what does it say? Sense. Yes. And what does that mean? Exactly. So where did yours go?

Wow. I really have no idea.

If I'd have had sense I would have listened and acted.

If I'd have had sense I would have aced that exam.

If I'd have had sense I would have stopped it.

What is sense? Common sense? Ha! That avoids everyone. Like now, I'm about to leave school and did I even realise ONCE that I may never see half these people around me again? Oh yes, several times. But did I have the sense to act on it? No I did not. What have I got now? Photos and a year book, scrawled messages in notebooks. Is that it?! Is that all I have to show for my five years at school?

Well I'll be damned.

Sense, I guess I had some once.

The End

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