British Spirit

Today I was one of those rare life moments where you have to laugh at someone's spirit, but not because they are doing something totally ridiculous, but because they are doing something admirable. I live in the South of England, and it is the heaviest snowfall we've had in years, fifteen inches this morning. Not two hours ago, my brother and I saw someone, in the middle of snow that reached half way to the knee, having a barbeque in their front garden with all their neighbours.

We laughed. For just one man he had managed to instill such spirit into all his neighbours and anyone who happened to be passing by. Good for him. In the face of 'the big freeze' where schools have closed, cars have been abandoned and planes grounded, one man strikes up the barbeque. When all else fails, throw on a few sausages and invite your neighbours round. I'm sure they had one of the best evenings in a while, towered by a twenty odd foot snowman complete with snow dog, watching their children having snowball fights, talking with their friends and having a drink.

I guess that's Britain, in the face of possible disappointment, make the most of it; and fire up the burners.

The End

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