Good Morning World

I watch the sunrise every morning. Quite easily I could lie in bed, half asleep; but then I would miss so much, the golden hour as photographers call it. I get dressed and all that, then when I relax, the sun is just coming over the rooftops.

It casts the whole park and street in golden light, shining off windows and pouring into all the cracks that only get light at that hour.

I throw back my curtains, thinking 'Today is going to be a good day'. And that is all I think in the mornings, even if I know it won't be, it sets me up for a good day. Today there was a spiderweb on my window. Now I am not the biggest fan of spiders, to say the least, but this one was beautiful, one of the ones that you only see in movies and are perfect. Dew drops still hung on the threads, only to be like a glowing orb when the sun hits it. If I was alone, I would laugh. 

It was one of those moments that shouldn't happen in reality, only in movies and stories. But it did. And it was beautiful. I wish more people woke up early to watch the sun rise, to see those spider webs and feel the dew drenched grass beneath fingertips. I wish more people would think about what they are missing and be thankful for what they have, because not a day goes by when I do not thank God for another beautiful day.

My next goal is to watch the sunrise from a little abandoned track that overlooks whole villages and vast fields, that would be something. I've already done a dawn hike with some friends and watched it from a hill, but it was cloudy. 

People say I am mad when I tell them I wake up early, even on weekends.

But I think I'm lucky, I know I am lucky. 

The End

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