Dear Mr Man

Dear Mr Man,

I don't know who you are, and you don't know me. You are a business man, whatever comes above an MD.

Mr Man, did you know you made my daddy cry today? Did you care? My daddy who I have only ever seen cry twice, and you made him cry over a piece of paper all because you have no idea how you make him feel.

He spent weeks on that piece of paper, staying up past eleven with his hands clicking away over the keyboard. Did you know that, Mr Man?

All his hard work and effort, after being told it has to be in in a month and he hasn't even been with you for very long. And you slated his work.

Mr Man, do you know what daddy said on the phone to us? He said he felt young and stupid because he's been the best for years and years, and now you've told him his work is all wrong.

Mr Man, we try to tell him he'll learn from this and so he'll know for next time. But he's sad and he's so far away that we can't do anything about it. 

Mr Man, did you think about what you were doing to my daddy when you said all those mean things? Or did you want to look big and smart, because that's what it felt like to daddy. He didn't know what to do, he had no idea his letters had to conform with your rules and standard layouts. Give him another chance.

Mr Man, you know where daddy wants to tell you to shove it, but do you ever question why he doesn't? My daddy's a lovely man who works hard because he knows he has to. He gets all his work done on friday so he can spend the weekend with us, his kids, and his wife. Do you have anything that special? 

Mr Man, I forgive you for what you did to my daddy. But if daddy can forgive Mr Man than he's a bigger daddy than I have ever seen.

Mr Man, please learn from my daddy, that not everyone is breakable and that everyone has flaws. All it needs, Mr Man, is to say a gentle word, a light scribble of pencil and he'll do it all again just so it makes someone else happy. Because that's my daddy.

Mr Man, tell him it's alright.


The End

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