What's so bad about Cliches?

People can often get put off by cliche moments in their lives. I don't see that it is such a bad thing.

I've had my share.

I've sat on a jetty on a lake with my feet in the water, my brother and two new friends by my side. Together we watched the sun set.

I've sung with some random dutch people, 'Bob the Boulder' opposed to our 'Bob the Builder'.

I've woken up to the sun streaming in through the curtains shining off a snowy mountain top.

I've jogged in a thunderstorm and ran out in the hail. 

I've had some obliviously talk to me about something, without realising that I was upset for the reason they were talking about. My voice even crack when I told them.

I've been knocked out cold and yet I carried on playing.

Among many others.

I think people don't like them because the seem to dreamy, too pointless. Maybe they think stuff like that will never happen to them. Hollywood's version plays music and everyone is laughing, but it isn't always like that, unless you make it so. 

My cliche moments are the strongest memories I have, because they mean something not only to me, but to other people because I am sharing the magic. Because everyone has seen what it should look like, they know how I feel. It is an experience you do not have to do for yourself; as soon as someone tells you, it is as realistic as if you were there yourself.

So next time someone goes 'that is such a cliche', smile and say 'yes, it is'. You don't have to say anything more. But I can guarantee you will remember it forever. At least, I hope you do.

Each little memory

Hold clear and true

And that way

None will ever leave you.

The End

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