True Beauty

I saw true beauty last weekend. I'm not talking about facial symmetry or being too large or too thin. No. 

My family and I had gone to a district show; it was pretty big with lots of stalls and shows. People clustered from all around, milling in and out of the food and craft tents, various coat stalls and the RSPCA table. Generally, it was very enjoyable.

I saw true beauty about half way through the field. 

It was a man, not particularly good looking with red hair and beard. He was dressed in lazy jeans and a slob out shirt, something most would deem to be inappropriate to go outside in. On top of his shoulders sat a little girl about six, seven years old with slightly browner coloured hair; sort of reminding me of Ginny Weasely. 

But it was the look of sheer love and raw joy etched into every line of their faces that kept them in my mind. They were enjoying everything, even just being with each other and the simple childish thrill of sitting on top of an adult's shoulders; feeling like you could reach the sky no matter how small you really were. 

I have never been so taken aback by total strangers; but they really got to me. The looks on their faces made me want to laugh too, I have no idea why.

I don't think they know just how perfect they looked, how fairy tale-esc their bond seemed to be. And how much others wished for the same relationship.

I think we should all be like that man and his child, I presume. They can teach us so much. Like how simplicity can be the greatest thing we would ever experience. How we all need to be closer to everyone, because one day they may be gone. 

I wish more people could have seen them. I have no doubt whatsoever that the image of those two together will remain with me for the rest of my life.

True beauty lies within your soul and the heart

And only fades when those bonds you have fall apart

The End

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