To Teach

To teach is to lose your name

Be 'Miss' immortalised in inky pages

Put them before you

Physical and mental

Their gain, always over your losses

Pale in comparison to their lives.

To teach is to find black smears

Board pen on clean clothes

Pencil sharpenings in your hair.

Breathe your subject

So they too inhale you passion

Reach for what you want for them.

To teach is to give up your soul

To them.

And remain grateful for the priviledge. 

List spellings and adverbs and dates and equations

Immerse in marking lists, check lists, to-do lists.

To teach is to high five your children in the coridoors

Celebrate their one-grade jumps, their first friend.

To tear your hair out and scream at new courses

To only, only ever want the best for your kids.

To teach is to sit in your car and cry

Because you had a bad day

Because nothing worked. All day.

Because you know they can do better.

Because they finally got the idea!

To teach is to spill wine on papers 

Smear it off with a tissue already covered in dinner

Plan your inspirational talks

Scrap them


Never get the chance to deliver.

To teach is to dream

And my dream is to teach. 

The End

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