I Am

What am I really? A water-carbon based respiring form? I don't even know what that means anymore. Biology paid off that much then I see. But that's not me. I am not who I am just because I'm human; I don't help people because I'm over seventy percent water do I? So then, what makes me, me. What am I?

I am the one who, when I was younger, didn't think it was fair that Father Christmas gave everyone presents but didn't get any himself; so I made him one every year. 

I am the one who fell down the stairs in front of her manager and assistant manager, got up and laughed. 

I am the one who goes to sleep smiling and makes up smiling. 

I am the one who prays and forgives. 

I am the one who loves. 

I am me. 

I am the one who makes my friends laugh, who makes them feel at ease and who protects them, no matter the costs to myself. 

I am the one who runs simply to feel the pull on the muscles that some people never will. 

I am the one with brown hair and eyes, with glasses with scars up her right arm and long legs. 

I am the one who breaks all technology, trips over anything and everything and traps her zip in the till drawer. 

I am the one who always knows what you are thinking, knows what to say to make you smile, or to make you cry depending on what you need the most. 

I am the one you can always trust. 


The End

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