Things I feel I Need

i was talking to someone the other day, they surprised me by telling me I needed to get laid.  (yes, it was a man)  Thing is, we were talking about a car.  I don't know when the conversation turned in that direction.   He went on to spew forth the benefits of "GETTING LAID" 

I didn't agree on the price of the car, plus when I looked under the hood and saw all of  the rust spots and evidence of oil leakage I tried to decline... gracefully.. he just wouldn't let it go at that..

Anyway, it made me think, because I hadn't agreed with something once before, this same thing was told to me. 

Wouldn't life be grand if we could just solve all of our problems with a romp in the hay?  And doesn't it just show how far we have regressed when the thought of the day is, "If you would just get laid, you'de stop being so difficult."

Well, sorry, there is just a little bit more to me than that..

Things I need.. Short version

CONVERSATION.. I write stories so my brain is always at work, sometimes I just need to talk, even better, I need YOU to talk back..

UNDERSTANDING.. I am a tornado, I have been told that, don't believe it but, I do have a mix of emotions and they sweep through in a rush..

TOLERANCE.. Allow for my different ideas, take them into consideration, I didn't live 55 years without having a thought..

BELIEVE IN ME... I am capable of many things

REMEMBER... last but not in anyway least...I AM A WOMAN.. That explains all of the above lol...

The End

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