Sleeping was difficult last night. The constant reminder of being married to an unknown man I have never seen and to have a set of female twins is a mystery.

Here comes another drab, boring, unusual, unforgiveable day, and here I lie once again, bed ridden and barely able to move. I can now see. My surroundings arent as I remember. Heres me thinking I was at home.. Pfft.... not!

Im in a very white building thats squeeky clean in every nuck-and-cranny, the walls plastered with posters constantly reminding readers to wash their hands before and after visiting times. Im now guessing I'm in a hospital. Where at,  Im unsure about.

I can know manage to sit up, which means the kind doctor named McGregor removed my feeding tubes, another achievement. Theres one thing I dont understand, how i got here?

"Morning Mrs Garner, your looking as fresh as ever" said a man in a white uniform, a stethescope hung around his neck, a row of pens in his left breast pocket. His complexion was somewhat handsome. He was a blonde, young male with soft brown eyes and a beautiful, white welcoming smile. His professional calming voice instantly snapped up to my ears giving me constant attention at my every move. He must be Doctor McGregor.

I smiled back at him.

He sat on the edge of my bed whilst examining me, flashing a soft yellow light into my eyes, checking my pulse rate and moving my arms. I looked at him worryingly.

"Theres nothing to worry about Mrs Garner its just a routine check. My name is Doctor McGregor. Now that your capable of moving your arms, anything you need me for, consult me by pressing that red button" He said pointing to a big red button above the right side of my head.

"Thankyou" I croaked. My voice was still unexpectedly dry.

"Mrs Garner. Theres a few things you may need to know, but i may not be the person to tell you" He said putting a reassuring hand on my left shoulder.

I nodded. I knew what he meant. Learning I had a husband and a family was hard for me to understand, somebody would have to explain at some point.

The End

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