The Awakening

Waking up in a strange surrounding is the worst thing i could of done.  I didnt know where i was. Footsteps would come and go, annoying beeps would ring in your ears and also the constant whispering that never subsides would drift through the room before entwining itself inside your ear..

Here I am once again laid on a bed motionless and not being able to feel a thing. The best thing is, is that i can know open my eyes. The bad thing is, is that my sight is terribly blurred. Can anything get any worse? And just as I thought i was going to drift off into sleep something grabbed my hand.

I jumped, causing the person to flinch, my fingers twitching.

"Sshhh, Rachel Calm down its me" said a rough male voice.

"Who?Who?"Is all I could Muster. My voice to dry to understand.

"Doctor shes awake"Said the male voice again.

"Hello Mrs Garner. My name is Doctor McGregor, I will be talking to you but i dont expect you to reply back. What I need you to do is to respond by either twitching or moving your hand. This is to check reflexes and body awareness" a man with a professional vioce spoke, this calmed me.

"Ok. To reply Yes twitch or move once, for No twitch or move twice. Your name is Rachel Marie Garner"? Asked the doctor.

I felt under pressure. I knew that was my name. This is too much too soon but i tried. My finger twitched achievement!

"Thank you Mrs Garner thats all for this morning". And the doctor left.

"Hey Rachel. Its me, Simon. The girls are missing their mummy." He was stroking my hair. Who is this man? And what girls? I have children?!

This was all to much. I started sobbing uncontrollably, tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Aww Rachel whats up hun"? He asked.

I dont know this man! How can i talk to a stranger. I cant see him and I dont recognise his voice. I pulled my hand away with great effort....another achievement but not how i wanted to learn it!

The sound of the usual food trolly squeeking allong the shiny hard flooring made its way into the room.

"Hello Sir, would you like and beverages or refreshments"? Asked an old feamle voice.

"Ermm. No thanks. But maybe some water for my wife please" asked the rough voiced male.

"Yes of course"She replied and a glass chinked next to me.

Wife?!? What was going on?

The End

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