The Awakening.

Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep

The droning of the heart moniter drills in my ears.

The sudden gush of light air fills my lungs before letting them deflate again.

The room was extremely dark.

A squeeking of tray wheels made me realise I wasnt in any dark room, my eyes were closed but I couldnt open them.

Suddenly I was spluttering as the light air filled my lungs again. I wanted to breathe on my own. My throat hurt as my head thrashed from side to side.

Suddenly a calm warm hand was placed on my forehead trying to keep my head still.

"CAN I HAVE ASSISTANCE PLEASE"!! She shouted. What seemed to be thousands of feet, pounded to my bedside.

What was going on? And why is there another woman in my home??

My head stopped wrything. I couldnt stop wretching. I'm going to sick..

A searing pain shot through my throat. It couldnt be Tonselitus I got them took out at the age of 14. As a tube like feeling was pulled out of my throat it scratched and itched. I was left starved of water.

Some footsteps retreated to where they were occupied before whilst others stayed. Distant whispers, I tried to hear.

The pain in my throat throbbed as I strained my ears to hear.

A man spoke. He had a slight rough deep voice.

"Let the Garner Family know she has awoken. Let them know that she is currently semi-conscious, we are still unable to know whether she is stable, she could slip into unconscioussness again. Visiting is off limits".

"Yes Doctor" Said a pixie like voice.

Doctor?? What's a doctor doing in my home?!                  


All night I tried moving my arms and legs, failing miserably. It felt as though I was bound down, unable to move anything apart from my head.

My eyes were glued together because I tried opening them too.  I gave up eventually. I kept hearing Heart moniters beeping...and eventually.....fell into a deep sleep....


The End

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