Things I dont Remember.

This is a story i made purely by chance. I was watching Kill Bill at the time and it inspired me to write a story from a woman's point of view, who has finally woken from a coma from so long...
She suffers confusion and stress, but also learns in life what she missed and how she can build her life back together...


Rachel Garner was a typical, lively young woman who enjoyed life.

She loved her family and frieinds so much it was hard for her to fit it into her everyday life.

She worked hard for a living, working at Desert Springs Hospital Center in Las Vegas, America.

She liked working with children, so doing voluntary work at the local Primary school was ideal.

Rachel was what you call a 'Busy Bee'. She would always seem to be busy all the time but she still made time for her family.

Everything was going to well for Rachel.

Ever heard of the term 'to good to be true'?

Well everything was for Rachel...

Chapter 1- Things I dont remember.

I was walking down the street one misty night. The streetlights buzzed and shone bright orange colours across the roads and paths. Cars zoomed past, some weren't making noise, others however squeeked, sending shivers down my spine.

It was 9:25pm and i was walking home from the hospital after a long hard shift at work.

I turned left down East 29th street when I heard a perculiar sound.

Turning my head to face behind me, someone in a dark black long coat, slim in the body build, was walking behind me.

I paced a little faster. I could hear their footsteps echoing against the walls of the short slim alleyway.

Pleased with the route home I took, I breathed in deeply inhaling the sweet air as I passed a closed market stall.

I was nearly home. Another turn left and I would be there. I would be able to visit my childrens bedsides and give them kisses goodnight before snuggling on the couch with the man I love and have married for 12 Years.

Turning left, my eyes flashed with delight. Returning home to my little girls homemade fairy cakes is what I've looked forward to all day. My tummy grumbled quietly.

Walking up the familiar cobbled path I stroll allong  to go home I smiled to myself.

As I proceeded to walk up the front Porch steps to my front door, keys at the ready, I caught a glimpse of my follower.

I returned to put my keys into the key hole, I turned them left but just before the key clicked into position and unlocked the door, the footsteps were still there. Infact the person they belonged to were walking up my own front porch steps!

I breathed in deeply to brace myself for a loud scream. But he (or she) was too fast.

The person pounced forward, their hand plunged down. I looked up and I gasped in astonishment. A hammer at the ready they pounded at my head. The world went black. I hit something hard, and a hot liquid gushing from my head, only they didnt stop, they continued. I was going in and out of consciousness, therefore I  could respond to certain things. From my head and waist down I was paralyzed, I couldnt move. I wanted so badly to scream but my breathing was subsiding..

Suddenly I drifted off to unconsciousness......

The End

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