Things Exploded

i was given "he threw the crisp packet into the bin and.." as a starting point... this is what happened

The man was boring and his life was boring and the person writing about him is bored already. (That's me btw) He threw the crisp packet into the bin and  it exploded. The man got a bit burnt and shocked but he was ok! His neighbour took him to the hospital and he was fine. But it was a mysetery about how and why the explosives were in his bin. He was too boring to have enemies and he wasn't in anyones way. He payed his rent like a good little boy and didn't make too much noise or anything. Was it a mistake? An accident? A freak of nature? A special feature built into the bin? A hallucination? Was it an Ikea bin? Did someone plant the explosives when they were drunk? (Yeah, probably)

The detectives turned up at his house the next day but it was hard to find evidence as his room was a nice black colour. It was amazing that the walls hadn't f*cked up but the windows were smashed outwards. Detective Panda was the best detective in the area but even he was totally stumped until...

The End

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