Things change...

Emma and Sophia dont fit into to the popular crowd at school, but when Sophia purswades Emma to go to the popular kids party anything could happen...
And something will happen.
Something big that will require the girls to make some big desisions...

"Are you going Emma?" my best friend Sophia asked me

"Going where?" I asked confused

"The party tommorow night silly!"

"At Jacob's?" I asked unsurely

"Duh! Why are you acting so dumb Emma?"

"I'm not!"

"Yes you are! Why ask what party then?"

"I dont know... I didn't think we'd be invited, that's all" I confessed

"The whole schools invited..."

"Yeah but we have no links to the popular crowd. We would look so stupid and alone..."

"We have eachother!"

"You know what I mean Sophia! Were outcasts in this school..."

"Tommorow night could change everything!" she said exitedly not yet knowing how true that statement could be.


"I dont know Emma but I can sense it"

"You can sense it?"

"Yeah... it's weird but I just know something will happen"

"Something good or something bad?"

"I dont know, I'm not physic" she said laughing


"So you'll go?"

"I'll go..."

The End

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