Things Change

I wrote this quite a while ago, and it's not my best but its a start :)

 It was Halloween night and the girls were out trick or treating. It was a full moon and it was 8:30 pm and the little kids were just going back into their houses.

The girls had one street left but it was down one of the lanes at the back of the woods.

They were having too much fun to be scared but when they reached the 5th house of the street they realised something was different.

The moon had faded behind a tall dark house and there were no little kids around the dark lane. There was no noise but the trees ruffling violently in the wind. The girls walked close to each other. Each girl was dressed as a fairy.

"Lets go to that houseover there!" exclaimed Xanthia, 16, pointing to the house the moon had faded behind. the soft pale blue glow from behind it gave the house a sort of eerie look.

"Yeah." replied Naida, also 16, turning around to see it.

"I don't want to. It looks scary," said 9 year old Lucelia softly, hiding behind her big cousin Candance. She sniffed and ribbed her nose.

"Well you can stay with me Lucelia," said Candance. The rest of the girls walked towards the house. They walked slowly up the path looking all around them as they went. They creeped onto the front porch and Aaliyah went to press the doorbell when a flash of green light wrapped around them and the cousins standing at the far side of the gate. The light flashed from gleen to bright blue and went in the blink of an eye.

"That was strange." said the girls in unison.


"These wings are hurting me," said Naida trying to take the plastic fairy wings off her back. She tugged and tugged but the wings were stuck to her. She tried getting Raina, her twin sister, to pull them off but it was no use. They were stuck tight.

"They wont come off!" Raina struggled to get the words out of her mouth.

"I can feel that," Naida was feeling very tense pain in her back. The dragon fly type wings on her back started fluttering by themselves but Naida couldn't feel it.

"Nay!" squealed Xanthia.

"What?!" she squealed back. She peered over her shoulder and saw the moving wings.

"Holy Crap!" Naida started to panic.

"Calm down Nay!" Shouted Beverly, 13. She never realised that her own small cream wings were waving about. The girls were just entering the world they never new existed.

The Real Deal.

The End

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