Things Can Happen

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Scientists now reveal in the prostate cancer jab a chemical was released, meaning that the male children of men who have had the prostate cancer jab will develop womb like areas. These areas, named ‘mombs’ (mom-bs) will be able to carry children as sperm will be absorbed into the mombs and fertilise the egg like filling.

Roger Perkins looked up from the paper and thought back to his prostate cancer jab seven months ago. He looked at his wife across the kitchen. She was six months pregnant. He put down the paper.
“Ummm, Mary Ruth?” he said nervously. “There’s something in the paper you should read...”


21 Years Later

“James Zachary Perkins!”
“Yes, Mum?” the chocolate haired and eyed only child of Mary Ruth and Roger replied hesitantly.
“When are you going to go out and get a girlfriend?”
“Mum, I’ve just graduated uni...”
“I know! 21 years old and you haven’t had a girlfriend since you were 14!”
“I don’t want a girlfriend!”
“Why not? You need to get a girlfriend so you can marry her and settle down! Have kids!”
“I don’t want a girlfriend...”
“Why not?”
“James? You can tell me.”
“What? Roger!”
“Your dad needs to hear, love. I’m worried about you. What 21 year old boy doesn’t want a girlfriend?”
“A 21 year old boy who isn’t interested in girls?”
“You mean...”
“Yeah Dad. I’m gay.”

James hung his head in shame, blushing. Roger grinned. James didn’t expect to hear the next words come out of his mouth.

“Good for you son.” James looked up, bewildered.
“I want you to be happy, Jamie.” James teared up at his father’s love and the use of his childhood nickname.

“Thanks Dad.”

James and Roger hugged, both sobbing like children who had been denied yet another ice cream in the hot hot summer. Mary Ruth, who had stayed remarkably quiet during her son’s outburst, hard for an outspoken woman like her, just sniffed.


Four months later, James swore. He was running late to meet his supportive friend Angela. He ran to the bus stop, but acquired a sudden and annoying case of cramp in his leg while running and missed his bus by 30 seconds.  He cursed, and turned around sharply. He came face to face to a man with obsidian hair, emerald eyes and the palest skin James had ever seen.

“Hi,” Mystery Guy said.
“Umm, hi.” James replied.
“I see you’re in a bit of trouble,” Mystery Guy enquired.
“Yeah,” James said, stupidly.
“Need to get somewhere? Need a lift? I’m Alec Gabriel, by the way.” The beautiful stranger named Alec stuck out his right hand. James shook it warily.
“James Perkins.”
“Well?” Alec asked. James was distracted. He was too busy looking into Alec’s eyes.
“Sorry?” Alec smirked.
“Oh, umm, nah, wasn’t important. I can reschedule it.” James quickly sent a text to Angela explaining that he’d missed the bus and couldn’t get there. He wasn’t sure what to say about Alec so he texted that he’d met a guy and he would call her later with details.  Alec watched him, with his ever present smirk. Little did James know Alec was mentally undressing him.
“Ok then. Coffee?” James smiled, his first genuine smile in about four months.


They ended up having a coffee or four, then lunch, and eventually they brought some food, meaning to have a picnic. However, it started raining so they sat in Alec’s car and spoke for hours. Suddenly James noticed the time, 9:46 pm. He still had to call Angela.
“Ah! Bother! I’m sorry, I should get home.” Alec also looked shocked at the time.
“Err, yeah. Tell me where you live, and I’ll drop you home.” It took ten minutes to drive back to James’s apartment, and those ten minutes were silent.  After what seemed an eternity, they arrived at James’s apartment.  Alec turned to James.

“Give me your phone.” James did as he was told; scared his great day had been shared with a mugger, or a serial killer or worse. Alec created a contact and typed a number into the phone. He then did the same to his phone. He handed James’s phone back to him and looked James in the face.

“I had a great time today.” He stated bluntly, his famous smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth.
“So did I,” James agreed. “I’m really glad I missed my bus.” Alec laughed, a beautiful melodious sound.
“Goodnight.” Alec whispered.
“’Night.” James regretfully answered, wishing this day would never end. He impulsively leant over and kissed Alec on the lips. He then quickly got out of his car and walked into his apartment. Alec grinned at the guy whom he felt strangely attracted to. Finally, things were going his way.


James woke up from his deep sleep and his pleasant dreams of Alec to his phone bleeping and vibrating on his bedside table. He looked at the time: 7:15 am. He answered the phone groggily, not bothering to look at the caller ID.

“Hello?” he mumbled.
“Morning, sunshine. I’m out on the doorstep. Hurry up and let me in.”
“The one and only. I told you I’d phone you today.”
“I didn’t expect so early! Or that you’d be outside my apartment!”
“Ah, you love it really. Gonna let me in?”
“Um, I’m kinda only wearing tracksuit bottoms...”
“Hot. Open the door. Now.” James laughed. He knew Alec was bi, but he didn’t realise that the man was attracted to him, even jokingly. He walked over to the door and opened it. The door opened to a smirking as usual Alec who ran his eyes up and down James’s body several times before entering. Too late, James realised he wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Late night?” Alec quizzed, laughing at James’s embarrassment.
“You wore me out.” James replied unthinkingly before noticing the innuendo in his reply.
“I was thinking about you last night.” Alec randomly mentioned a second later.
“And I bet you crept here in the middle of the night and watched me sleep. That’s why you’re here so early. Creepy pervy stalker you.” James teased, nudging Alec’s shoulder with his own.
“You actually sat through that film?” Alec’s eyebrows raised the highest James thought he’d ever seen a human’s go. As he said that brief review he started walking James into the wall, so James’s back was to the wall and Alec’s face was merely a couple of centimetres from his.
“I was thinking about that kiss.” Alec breathed. James dropped his head, face red, in shame.
“Yeah, sorry about that. Don’t know what came over me.” Alec looked furious for a second, then, raising James’s head with a brush of the hand, kissed him with more depth and feeling that Alec had ever kissed anyone with before.  He finally separated them for air.
“Don’t you dare be sorry for that kiss, James Perkins.” He whispered hoarsely. He licked his kiss bruised lips.
“Don’t you dare.”


They watched films together for hours, horrors, romances, comedies, all the films James had. They watched Stephen King’s IT and Alec disguised his feelings for his father by jokingly remarking that his own father was so much like Al Marsh. In reply to this, James brushed Alec’s midnight hair out of his eyes and smiled sadly at him. Alec relished James’s chocolate brown eyes on him and the feel of his equally chocolate coloured hair. He hugged James closer to him and smelt his hair secretly. It did not smell of chocolate as he expected, but the apricot smell pleasantly surprised him. James laid his head on Alec’s well defined chest and was comforted by the sound of Alec’s heartbeat. He closed his eyes. It was perfect.


It was two months after they officially started dating that they first made love. James was a virgin and Alec was aware of that. He decided he would love James for his personality first and then his body when he was ready. However, a day after he decided this he was surprised to be summoned to James’s apartment to find a naked James who was ready to tear his clothes off.


They’d been together five months when they met each other’s families. They met the Gabriels first. Alec’s abusive father Ivor had died a few years ago (from prostate cancer) but he still had his mum and his kid sister. His mother was called Elizaveta, and she was the sweetest woman James had ever met. She insisted she called him Mama Eliza or Mama immediately, whichever he preferred. His sister Elena was the cutest thing James ever saw, and that beat the Andrex advert. She was very intuitive and asked a lot of questions. She was also very shy but a brilliant painter. James won her round by exclaiming praise at her paintings. Before they left he was presented with a scarily detailed (for an eight year old) painting of him and Alec with a love heart above their heads.

 Then it was time to meet James’s family. Roger was delighted that his son was happy and immediately warmed to Alec as they watched the Grand Prix together. Mary Ruth didn’t approve of her son’s sexuality or certainly not his choice of partner. The dinner went disastrously with Mary Ruth flinging sausages at Alec’s head which didn’t help when he laughed at what they reminded him of.


They’d been together two years when James got ill. At first it was sickness, then fatigue. Then Alec noticed James was going to the toilet a lot more than he used to. The sign that made Alec question it was the fact that James would suck in his breath in pain when he even brushed his nipples. It was the same symptoms when his mum Elizaveta was pregnant with Elena. Even his mother said so, and they’d only met a few times. But, he couldn’t be, could he? Alec was worried so he booked an appointment with the local GP, Dr Salene Chicho. Alec, as the overprotective and supportive boyfriend felt that he had to accompany his hopefully future fiancé to this examination. Nay, he thought it a pleasure!

They feared the worst, having Googled James’s symptoms the night before. However, the very excitable Dr Chicho assured them they had nothing to fear.
“James, did your father have his prostate cancer jab?” It seemed an odd question to ask but James answered it.
“How long after that were you conceived?”  She asked, jumping up and down in your seat.  
“About a month.” James responded. Dr Chicho squealed.
“Congratulations! You’re pregnant!” she screamed. There was a loud thump on the floor. Alec had fainted.


Alec was over the moon.
“We’re having a baby! Oh my God! We are going to be the hottest parents at the school gate, y’know. ‘Cause I’m 25 now and you’re 23...”  He rambled on.
James was less so.
“I think I’m going to throw up!”
“We’re watching Friends! What’s throwupworthy in Friends!?”
“I don’t know! Damn baby!

As soon as they felt ready, they told their families, Alec’s first.
“I’m going to be a grandmama!” Elizaveta screamed through the phone after they explained how the pregnancy happened to her. For about an hour she kept asking if her son or his boyfriend had failed biology.  Elena was full of questions.
“Is it going to be a girl? When is she due? Can I be the godmother? Can I name her?”

Then it was the Perkins’ turn to find out the news. Roger was overjoyed. He had given up hope of ever having biological grandchildren. He hoped the baby was a good mix of Alec and James. Mary Ruth, however, was appalled.
“James! How could you let yourself get in this position!? It’s not natural! Oh, I knew ever since I read that article nearly 24 years ago that something bad would happen! I knew that good for nothing cad would do something like this! I-“
“What did you call Alec, Mum?” James asked in a dangerously quiet voice.
“James, I-“
“That good for nothing cad happens to be my boyfriend and the father of my child!” James was practically shouting.
“We might not have known this was going to happen and we may have disagreements and, yeah, I’m the one with the momb but he is my boyfriend, Mother, and I love him. And we might not have known this baby could exist and it wasn’t planned but the baby was created out of love. We love each other and this baby.” He ended his speech quite abruptly.
“I have no mother.” James spat down the phone and hung up. He turned to Alec. Alec enveloped him in a big hug, kissed his tears off of his cheeks and whispered sweet nothings in his ears. An hour later they were asleep.


The pregnancy was hard. Male pregnancies were uncommon, not by any means common, but not exactly rare, either. Male pregnancies were harder as their bodies weren’t built for child bearing and complications were much more likely. As a result, James was put on bed rest at three months and hospitalised at five. But he was happy. As long as he had his beautiful stranger by his side and his baby girl in his tummy he was happy.

She amazed them. A tiny being, not meant to live, surviving. Made of their genes, clinging onto existence with a firm grip. She was a little trooper. Alec and James were determined to give her and any future children they had the best future they could possibly give them.  It didn’t matter that she had a prejudiced grandmother, she had them and they had her. A perfect family unit.


At 34 weeks, James’s body started contracting. An emergency caesarean was performed. At 14:36 on the 23th July 2035, Dianna Elise Gabriel-Perkins came into the world. She was beautiful, with James’s chocolate brown hair and Alec’s emerald green eyes. Alec and James felt identical surges of love when they looked at her. She was the most gorgeous thing in the world and she was theirs. Alec looked at James.
“I am so proud of you,” he kissed him on the forehead.
“And you.” He kissed their daughter on the forehead. Alec put his arms around James and, with Dianna in James’s arms, they all fell asleep.

The End

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